What’s Popular in Solana? Nansen Tracks More Than 53,000 Solana NFT

07/01/2022By: C, Fiona

Traders now have access to detailed data on Solana’s upcoming NFT projects, previously only available to Ethereum users.

Nansen, the blockchain analytics platform used by NFT and DeFi market traders, today announced the release of a set of dashboards and features that fully integrate Solana to enable analytics on the fast-growing NFT market.

Solana’s Plans

The company first announced Solana’s plans in November last year with the aim of launching features in the first quarter of 2022. Finally, in April, Nansen began rolling out support through several integrations of the DeFi protocol, enabling unreserved transactions, lending, and crypto asset lending without third-party intermediaries. Nansen has implemented Solana’s extensive NFT capabilities.

Nansen offers a variety of tools for analyzing crypto market trends. The company’s wallet labeling service identifies key traders in the NFT and DeFi markets and provides other users with insights into their activities through features such as the “Smart Money” leaderboard.

It also introduces the trending NFT collections and marketplaces and has become a favorite of some Ethereum NFT traders. Today, Solana traders have access to the same type of data, and Nansen’s dashboard covers over 53,000 NFT collections on the blockchain platform. Some of the Nansen dashboards are free for users who have signed up for the Nansen Lite service, but other features require a paid subscription.

Solana NFT Collections Received a Lot of Attention

Nansen has also recently launched a Web3 messenger service called NansenConnect, designed for the crypto and NFT community for chatting and exchanging encrypted direct messages. The company recently raised $ 75 million in a Series B funding round last December.

The NFT is a blockchain token that often acts as a title certificate for digital products such as artwork and collectibles. Ethereum is by far the main NFT ecosystem, but Solana is the second farthest in terms of trading volume. However, popular Solana NFT collections such as Okay Bears and Trippin Ape Tribe have received a lot of attention in recent months, surpassing the popular Ethereum project in terms of trading volume within 24 hours.

Established marketplaces such as OpenSea and Rarible have added support for Solana NFTs in recent months, but the major Magic Eden in the Solana marketplace (currently worth $ 1.6 billion) has so far been Solana.

Dominant in space. The popularity of the NFT exploded in 2021 and generated about $ 25 billion in trading volume, continuing until 2022 ahead of the recent long-term crypto market plunge. Collectibles are still trading and the main market, OpenSea, has registered about the same number of Ethereum NFTs sold in May and June, but prices for crypto assets such as ETH are declining. Considering that it is a much lower US dollar price.