Sleep Care Presale: World’s First Sleep-to-Earn Crypto 


What Is Sleep Care Crypto Project?

Sleep Care (SLEEP) is a blockchain-based “Sleep-to-Earn” application built on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Sleep Care aims to improve the quality of sleep for the global community while helping them earn money at the same time, offering a way for people to profit from their sleep habits.


The platform achieves this by using metrics collected from users’ smartphones which determine the sleep quality. Inspired by the famous norm “Sleep Care” (which means “Good Night!”), Sleep Care App accesses your phone’s various sensors and calculates your sleep health as well as your sleep duration.


Sleep Care is the perfect crypto presale to invest in within the growing ‘Social-Fi’ niche.


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Sleep-to-Earn: How Exactly Sleep Care Works?

Users will be rewarded with $SLEEP tokens and will need at least five hours of sleep to start earning. The reward process will be facilitated through Sleep Care’s mobile app, which uses GPS, body sensors and physical activity data collected by iOS or Android devices. Sleep Care will even set up monthly leaderboards and offer rewards to users with the healthiest sleep cycles


Due to Sleep Care’s unique approach, the token has been touted as one of the best low-cap cryptocurrencies on the market. Sleep Care will also include community-based features, such as viewing other users’ sleep habits. Finally, the token looks poised for long-term value growth given that $SLEEP will have a built-in burn mechanism.


With the dual goal of pioneering sleep technology development and providing a real-world value in Sleep Care ecosystem, Sleep Care presents the world’s first Sleep-to-Earn mechanism to reward the global community for sleeping and earning $SLEEP tokens.


For the world out there who are lack of sleep to make money, now you can sleep tight to earn passive income and improve your well-being.


Vision & Mission

Vision: To make the world sleep better and improve not only their health but also their wealth.

Mission: To create the world’s premier blockchain-based sleep health ecosystem that is community-driven, actionable, and profitable for all.


Sleep Care App’s Main Features


Before downloading app to earn $SLEEP, users must:

– Turn on GPS location, body sensors, and physical activity enabled from Android or iOS smartphone.
– Use TrustWallet or Metamask (connect to BNB Chain) to receive $SLEEP rewards.
– Have at least 500 $SLEEP to join in sleep-to-earn application.


Ranking System

Ranking System is designed to encourage good sleep habits by rewarding the highest achievers on the leaderboard. This is a feature used by the developers to ensure that users check in and get as much sleep as possible. Your ranking may go up or down, depending on your consistency. If the system detects a bad sleep habit, the ranking of that account will automatically drop over time.


Community Tracking

This is a Social-Fi application where Sleep Care will share its users’ sleep activity and create a system to connect people around it.

Curious about other people’s sleep quality and rankings? Sleep Care will provide users with a social platform where all members can view other members’ current location on a world map (country/region only, no more information) and see if they are sleeping well.

To participate in this unique feature, users need to unlock it by completing special tasks.


Sleep Health Tracker

Sleep Care’s Sleep Health System will help you:
– Build a healthy lifestyle by providing online tools to help you get enough sleep during the day, because to stay healthy, a person needs 6-8 hours of sleep per day.
– Get real-time consultations with professionals who work on sleep issues.
– Directly connection to smart gadgets such as smart watches, and other health and fitness apps.


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