Kucoin Offers EUR Trading Against BTC, ETH And USDT 


KuCoin, the global leading crypto trading platform, is offering Euros trading against Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) and USDT from today. The announcement is made as part of the European crypto trading expansion.


These new trading pairs are available on the KuCoin Spot Market. Users of the platform can easily exchange their euros into cryptocurrencies.


This is an expansion strategy: KuCoin is indeed experiencing strong growth in Europe.an market, a growth that the platform intends to accelerate.


But beyond this territorial expansion, KuCoin has understood the importance of lowering the barrier to buying crypto-currencies with euro trading pairs. This strategy allows not only novice traders but also anyone who wants to start building a portfolio to use fiat money (FIAT) to build their first portfolio. The other crucial advantage of adding Euro trading pairs is that it simply offers a better fiat-crypto trading experience with consistent liquidity while maintaining a very high level of security.


On March 23, 2022, KuCoin launched SEPA transfers, which now makes it much easier for its European users to fund their accounts, with the wealthy even being able to deposit up to one million euros in a single transaction! Thanks to SEPA transfers, KuCoin customers can deposit euros into their crypto accounts via “Fast Buy.”


Johnny Lyu, KuCoin’s CEO, commented on the news: “The new EUR spot trading pairs as part of the fiat-crypto service launched by KuCoin represent another important step after the addition of BRL (Brazilian Real, the currency of Brazil) a week ago. We hope that this will make the experience of our European users even more pleasant as well as that of people who prefer to use the Euro. It is very exciting to add two fiat currencies with spot trading pairs in such a short time. It also reflects KuCoin’s ability to deploy its strategy this year effectively. KuCoin firmly believes that providing a bridge that securely and stably connects fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies will bring a better experience to crypto users, which is crucial for the mass adoption of crypto-assets. In the near future, KuCoin plans to support more fiat currency exchange pairs (FIAT) on the spot market, with the goal of becoming the best platform to discover the world of cryptocurrency with fiat currency for all users around the globe.”


It is thanks to these initiatives, including making access to cryptocurrencies much easier, that thousands of users are discovering them every day. And Europeans can now bring a launchpad to the crypto space that is both simple and secure.

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