Chinese Tencent’s Metaverse Team Has Been Massively Expanded to Fight Meta


Most people know Tencent’s for various profitable mobile games, but this technology company is also interested in creating de facto Chinese metaverse. With the development of metaverse reaching its peak, the company hopes to beat the promotion of meta in the region.


The Race to a Metaverse Has Begun

Tencent has announced to its employees the establishment of a new department focusing on “Extended Reality”, which is basically the same as the so-called metaverse. This department will focus on making hardware and software for the  reality virtual world, similar to meta.

According to a Reuters, Tencent set up the team a year ago, but it was shrouded in secrecy. China’s metaverse is called “Extended Reality” XR in the short term.

In addition, the report also says that Tencent hopes to have 300 employees on the project. However, everything has not been determined yet, probably because metaverse is still a mystery to many people.

Tencent declined to comment on the development of its metaverse, putting its cards on its chest. Considering that metaverse is still an undefined platform, and enterprises are betting on this platform, we will not be surprised if we see other countries joining the competition.



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New Things for Tencent

If you are familiar with the mobile games made by Tencent and are surprised at their participation, you are not the only one. It is reported that this is Tencent’s first foray into the hardware field after being a software developer for many years. People may wonder why China has entrusted such an important project to Tencent, but please remember that they continue to make a lot of money through the above mobile products.

Unfortunately, Tencent has been downsizing recently, which may be due to this new metadata project. Tencent has been releasing a considerable number of employees for unknown reasons. Now it seems that we know what the reasons are. We hope that this risk will eventually be worth it, even for something as unproven and unreliable as pixel data.

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