BTCC Has Obtained a License to Operate as a Regulated Cryptocurrency Exchange in Europe.



BTCC Exchange, a crypto futures platform, recently obtained a cryptocurrency license issued by the Legal Entities of Lithuania, enabling the exchange to provide cryptocurrency trading services in Lithuania and other European countries and expand its service scope to cover more users around the world.

The licenses obtained by BTCC are the crypto exchange license and the crypto wallet and custodian service license. The former allows BTCC to establish relations with traditional financial institutions in China. Users will be able to convert their digital currency into legal tender on the platform, or vice versa, which is a convenient function for junior traders in Europe. to enter the cryptocurrency world.

With thecrypto wallet  and hosting service license, We are strictly regulated in managing customers’ wallets to store encrypted currency, including generating and storing encrypted customer keys. The license obtained provides a regulated channel for European users to deposit and exchange cryptocurrencies on the platform.

Obtaining this Lithuanian cryptocurrency license is an important milestone for us to be fully regulated and licensed worldwide. It shows that we are committed to complying with regulatory requirements, so as to create a fair and transparent trading environment for global users.

In addition to Lithuania’s cryptocurrency license, BTCC is also making active efforts to obtain more licenses this year.






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