World Crypto Economic Forum 2022


 Time: Jun 2nd, 2022 – Jun 3rd, 2022

 Location: San Francisco, California, United States

WCEF 2022 | World Crypto Economic Forum Tickets, Thu, Jun 2, 2022 at 9:00  AM | Eventbrite


We are proud to announce that the world crypto economy forum will come to the San Francisco Bay area again in June this year. After the first event in 2018, we continuously postponed the plan of future activities. However, in cooperation with friends from propy, we held the first cryptocurrency real estate summit in Miami and decided to bring the highest quality content and network to San Francisco again. Wcef 2022 will cover the most exciting topics from the business (DeFi, Dao, NFT, Meta, Ido, etc.) and the technology world (all blockchains). Stay tuned for more events across the United States.

Our activities focus on the cryptocurrency universe, not just BTC, ETH or NFTs. Our goal is to make it accessible to those who want to learn and build, and bring together the cryptocurrency entrepreneurship world. What better place to host our event than silicon valley and the San Francisco Bay area, which have the largest number of developers, innovators, venture capitalists and entrepreneurial talents in the world. Wcef covers the most exciting topics in DeFi, Web3, Dao, NFTs, Metaverse, gaming and other fields, from the perspective of business, technology and global influence. Our agenda includes fascinating talks and panel discussions, encrypted whale can promotion competition, NFTs history gallery, exhibitions and high-quality communication opportunities. We hope to bring new leaders to our activities and help them shape the world together.

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