Blockchain Economy Lstanbul Summit 2022


Time: Jul 27th, 2022 – Jul 28th, 2022

Location: Istanbul, Turkey

Blockchain Economy - Istanbul Summit - Crypto-Lyon


The Istanbul Summit on blockchain economy is the largest blockchain activity in the history of Eurasia. It brings together major participants and experts in the cryptocurrency industry and redefines the future of finance. The fourth blockchain economic summit will be held in Istanbul from July 27 to 28, 2022 for two days. The world’s top cryptocurrency companies and blockchain entrepreneurs will participate.

Istanbul is one of the oldest cities in the world with historical and cultural heritage. Since the Byzantine era, the city is still an important economic, financial and Trade Center in the world, with all kinds of promising opportunities. Today, 16% of Turkey’s population – 136 million people have cryptocurrency, making Turkey one of the countries with the largest cryptocurrency in the world. Therefore, the Istanbul Summit on blockchain economy will be a major gathering for the region to represent the blockchain and cryptocurrency world. Its broad themes focus on future financial technology, a wide range of network opportunities and the participation of more than 55 countries.

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