XEN Crypto Airdrop- How to Join the XEN Crypto Airdrop?


You can earn free $XEN tokens by participation in the XEN airdrop by mining the XEN protocol.


What is XEN Crypto?


XEN Crypto (XENducation Video) is a self-custodial exchange of value that aspires to become a community-building Crypto asset that brings like-minded people together and supports localized, grass-roots educational initiatives. The protocol is based on the Polygon, BSC, and Pulsechain blockchains, with support for the Ethereum blockchain coming soon.


The $XEN token is an entity’s value that aims to become a universal Cryptocurrency by adhering to the first principles of blockchain technology, including decentralization, transparency, counterpart risk-resistance, peer-to-peer value exchange, and self-custody. Jack Levin (Video) explains why $XEN is unlike any other cryptocurrency out today.


For the first time since the Merge, Ether experiences deflation. According to CoinDesk, a big increase in network traffic last weekend was generated by the XEN network, which triggered Ether’s deflationary burn rate.



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How do I participate in the XEN Airdrop?


Guide to the “XEN Crypto Airdrop”


1.Visit the XEN Crypto Airdrop landing page.


2.Mine tokens by interaction with the XEN protocol. You will need a wallet for Ethereum and Gas.


3.By actively browsing the network page, you demonstrate Proof of Participation (PoP) and earn a cRank. Then, you can choose your mintTerm (T), 0-395+ days. You may return to the page to monitor the status of your mintTerm by viewing your personalized loading bar, which expands as the end of your term approaches.


4.MINT your XEN crypto: At the specified time, return to xen.network and claim your $XEN tokens. Then, you may choose to STAKE your XEN cryptocurrency. Best of Luck!



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