Where and How to Buy the Merit Circle Crypto? – Beginner’s Guide



This article explains what Merit Circle is, where you can buy the MC Crypto token, and how to use it.


The Play-to-Earn (P2E) market is still growing. The adoption and success of games like “Axie Infinity” opened the door for a boom in this particular gaming market. There is some concern about a lack of connectivity between projects given the P2E ecosystem’s rapid growth.

The good news is that Merit Circle plans to alter this. Bringing a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) to create play-to-earn chances for developers who wish to contribute to the growing metaverse, this project adds significant value to the P2E space.

All the mysteries of Merit Circle are revealed here. We’ll analyze the platform’s native coin, ‘MC,’ and discuss the project’s potential impact on the P2E market. Do you feel ready? Okay, let’s jump right in.



What is Merit Circle ?


Merit Circle is a DAO creating P2E opportunities in the metaverse through the medium of play. The Merit Circle platform accomplishes this by providing players with the tactics and infrastructure they need to be successful P2E gamers, such as educational opportunities and scholarships.


The Merit Circle DAO is made up of a mainDAO that controls a number of smaller subDAOs that perform various tasks for the P2E economy. The DAO system is managed by a separate organization, with the help of governance that is driven by MC token holders.


Merit Circle is made up of the following elements.


  • The MainDAO serves as the “ecosystem” DAO, encompassing all subDAOs that fall under its purview. Voting on upcoming subDAO is possible for users who stake MC in the MainDAO.
  • SubDAO – A game within the P2E economy is represented by the subDAOs that are under the mainDAO.
  • Vaults – SubDAOs use the vaults as a means of generating revenue. Investors receive all of the vaults’ earnings. Largest cryptocurrency exchange



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Where to Buy Merit Circle ?


1. Binance


If you look at the total amount of daily trades, Binance is by far the most prominent cryptocurrency exchange. Investors in cryptocurrencies can freely trade over 600 different cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and the vast majority of the top cryptocurrencies. Depositing just $10 can get you started investing in your preferred cryptocurrency right now.


Binance has the lowest trade costs on the market and a wide selection of cryptocurrency assets. Binance’s standard trading fee is 0.1%, but traders who use the exchange’s native token, Binance Coin, can save an additional 25%.

Binance makes it simple and quick to deposit funds. The exchange accepts deposits made through a variety of methods, such as wire transfers, P2P networks, plastic cards, and processors.


The deposits are not usually free, unlike eToro. Binance is one exchange that adds a standard fee of up to 4.50% to all purchases of cryptocurrencies paid for with debit or credit cards. However, putting in cryptocurrency is costless.


This prominent cryptocurrency exchange caters more to seasoned traders than newbies due to its complex learning curve and sophisticated trading tools.

Binance has the most advanced security features. Two-factor authentication (2FA), whitelisting, and top-tier encryption are just a few of the customer-friendly features offered by this broker. Additionally, the majority of Binance’s money are stored in cold storage, and the exchange runs an insurance fund to safeguard users in the case of an attack.



  • The market’s lowest trading costs
  • High levels of trading activity for the majority of cryptocurrencies.
  • Superior Market Technology
  • Abundant selection of cryptos Versatile funding options



Not suitable for novices





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Gate.io  was founded in 2017, and its positive reputation among both seasoned traders and newcomers has persisted in that time. They have one of the widest selections of tradable cryptocurrencies, with over 1400 distinct coins and tokens.


Password trading, two-factor authentication, and other extra security features make the service safe and convenient to use. They have a mobile app and a quick and user-friendly website.

On top of the standard cryptocurrency exchange features, NFTs, P2P trading, Futures, Leveraged tokens, and even certain earning options are all available on the Gate platform.



  • Many different cryptocurrencies available for trade.
  • Easy to understand and use; low trading costs



Currency-Indexed Option(s) Not Subject to Regulation




Kraken has been around for a long time, and it has a stellar reputation for safety and honesty among traders. They launched in 2011 and have since earned the respect of both experienced traders and those just starting out because to their high liquidity and extensive listing of available cryptocurrencies.


Kraken has earned the confidence of the world’s major institutions and dealers because of its capacity to process massive trading volumes with ease.


You can withdraw your funds in the fiat currency of your choice, and there are several coin pairs to choose from. Our firm strongly advises you to use Kraken for all your trading requirements.



  • The benefits of high liquidity
  • Highest Credibility
  • Solid, User-Friendly, Fiat Currency Choices



The Know Your Customer procedure may take some time.




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Merit Circle is an exciting new concept that promises to significantly improve the P2E gaming industry. More people will participate in the P2E gaming economy because of its innovative approach to boosting the game experience.


We believe that there is a tremendous opportunity for Merit Circle users and investors in the coming years as the P2E gaming industry continues to grow at an unprecedented rate.


Projects like Merit Circle will be in great demand as the P2E sector grows. We wait to see how the team approaches the market over the next few years in light of the crypto winter’s dampening effect on investors’ willingness to take risks.


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