What is Phoenix Global (PHB)?-Guide For Dummies


As of right moment, Phoenix Global is one of the most promising new crypto projects. This article’s goal is not to persuade the reader to buy PHB, but to provide useful information in an easily digestible way. Reading this, you should have a better grasp of PHB and be in a position to judge for yourself whether or not this cryptocurrency is worth your capital.

What is Phoenix Global (PHB)?

Future-proof consumer-focused decentralized applications (DApps) can be found on the Phoenix Global (PHB) blockchain. It’s worth noting that Phoenix Global (PHB) is a blockchain-based cryptocurrency and that Phoenix Oracle (PHXO) is a blockchain platform that feeds real-time asset values. Phoenix Chain is an interesting sidechain-agnostic technology that integrates with the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), Ethereum, Solana, NEO, and Tron blockchains, and Federated Learning is used to enhance Big Data-based AI.

APEX Network and Red Pulse Phoenix, after months of careful planning and discussion, made the business decision in the third quarter of 2020 to merge and construct a full corporate data blockchain platform, taking both projects to the next level with their own ecosystems. The merger produced a larger, more stable framework by combining the best of both projects’ technologies, platforms, token economies, token liquidity, human resources, communities, and promotional efforts.


To get the most up-to-date information regarding PHB and its features, check out Phoenix Global’s website. Alternatively, you can follow PHD on Twitter, where they have 22,2k followers and 664 tweets, or join their community on Reddit, which currently has 438 members.



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What You Need to Know About PHB Stats

Earlier PHB Versions

According to Cointelegraph, Phoenix Global Coin’s market capitalization soared by 5,600% in just four minutes last year, placing it at the 52nd spot.

An error caused the price of one Phoenix Global (PHB) token to spike from $0.02057 to $1.1413.


Capitalization and Circulating Supply

As the market fluctuates, so do these projections. As a trader, it is your responsibility to double-check all of the data you collect and use this as a starting point.

Market capitalization is a measure of a cryptocurrency’s value and legitimacy, and the circulating supply is critical since it influences market capitalization.

It bears repeating that the lower the supply of a coin, the higher the possibility that its price would grow. It’s based on the basic economic theory of supply and demand. When there is strong demand but a small supply, prices go up.


Sales Quantity

Among the many metrics used by buyers and sellers, volume ranks high in importance. If the volume of a coin’s trades is high, then its popularity is also high.

When looking for information on a wide range of cryptocurrencies, CoinMarketCap is often considered one of the most trustworthy options. You may verify the accuracy of these numbers with CoinGecko or CoinCodex.

However, if you’re feeling overwhelmed by charts or cryptocurrency monitoring websites, you may always talk to crypto brokers for assistance. Coinbase, Kraken, and Bitcoin Profit are just a few of the most well-known instances of such a platform that brings together investors and brokers. However, before putting your money into any cryptocurrency, you should always talk to an expert.



Seven sections make up the PHB road map, which may be found on their website. Key events in the first four stages include the release of the Phoenix Global Litepaper and the beginning of security, performance testing, and auditing for the Phoenix chain. The user interface for Phoenix Oracle and the mainnet for Phoenix Chain are expected to go live in the year 2022. The team is working on updating the Phoenix chain to allow for interoperability between chains and federated learning platforms.

Beginning in the year 2023, PHB plans to further improve the Phoenix ecosystem’s community, marketing, functionality, and user experience.


Illustration of Use

It is essential to evaluate a cryptocurrency’s practical applications before opting to put money into it.

Phoenix Global focuses on sectors like retail, financial services, automotive, travel, luxury & lifestyle, consumer internet, customer relationship management & loyalty, and consumer data & experience.



To prove to cryptocurrency backers that the PHB blockchain is ready to support the next generation of consumer applications. The goal is to make it a more secure, open, and interoperable system. Likewise, this is something that every crypto enthusiast would be anticipating with bated breath.

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