What Is Masa Network (MASA) Coin: Something You Need Know About It


As of March this year, the total market cap of the AI sector has exploded from $2.7 billion in April last year to $26.4 billion, and in the last 30 days, AI-related tokens have recorded a rise ranging between 145% and 297% on average.

Masa Network, a decentralized AI data network, said on X platform that it plans launch MASA tokens and go live on the mainnet on April 11. Users will soon be able to get paid for the data they use to support AI applications and convert data points into MASA token rewards.

Then, what is Masa Network (MASA)? Is a good investment in 2024? how to buy this coin? Next, we will explore the project from following aspects:

What is Masa Network?

Masa Network Work Principle

What is MASA Token?

MASA Token Economics

MASA Outlook

How to Buy MASA?


What is Masa Network?

Masa Network is a decentralized AI data network that launched its mainnet in April, offering the ability to profit from training AI models. Masa Network is a two-way data marketplace that connects data providers (users) and data consumers (developers). On the data supply side, users contribute and process data in return for a reward. In terms of data requirements, developers can use Masa data to build decentralized AI applications.

More than 1.4 million people have joined the Masa Network, adding more than 40 million pieces of data to the platform.

In addition, Masa managed to raise an impressive $5.4 million in its latest round of seed funding. The fund raised is used to build a decentralized network focused on user profiles on Avalanche. The round of fund raising was led by Anagram, a venture capital firm co-founded by Lily Liu of the Solana Foundation and Joe Eagan, formerly of Polychain. Prominent investors such as Avalanche Blizzard Fund, Digital Money Group and GoldenTree also participated in the round of fund raising.

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Masa Network Work Principle

Masa’s technical network structure consists of four layers, helping to support and ensure absolute privacy for users.

User layer: zkSBT

Masa’s user layer provides protection and power to manage individual user profiles using the zero-knowledge Soulbound token (zKSBT). zKSBTs enable encrypted data storage on-chain or off-chain, granting verifiable access to specific developers based on customized permissions.

Investors maintain control of their personal information through security lock features in the Masa app or other ecosystem extensions. The platform has good support for Account Abstraction, which means that internet users can log in to the social network to manage their personal zKSBT, eliminating the complexity of capturing investment opportunities.

Masa’s reward mechanism for data contributors is paid in stablecoins, blockchain-native tokens, and MASA tokens to facilitate interaction between community members.

Data exchange layer: zk-Oracle

The Masa zk-Oracle network is a decentralized network of oracle nodes that acts as an intermediate layer to protect the privacy of data exchange within the ecosystem. Oracle nodes receive on-chain and off-chain source data, convert it into a standard format for processing, validation, and data analysis, so as to help investors query data efficiently and quickly.

The project uses zero-knowledge proof and homomorphic encryption to allow developers to access information without disclosing the original data. Participants need to stake MASA tokens into stMasa tokens and continue to restake on the Avalanche subnet, obtaining rewards from applications built on Masa.

Data access layer: Masa Network on opBNB and Avalanche Subnet

The platform uses opBNB and Avalanche Subnet to provide a high-performance blockchain infrastructure for large-scale ZK data access control. This enables zkSBT to have high processing speeds, create an investor-friendly environment and optimize costs. By deploying the contract on Avalanche Subnet, Masa improved the module, enhanced scalability, and eliminated many unnecessary costs. Those who retake stMASA tokens can run verification nodes on the data access layer and receive attractive rewards.

Developer layer: Application

The developer layer or application layer is the place that provides tools and interfaces suitable for developers. Masa is designed to address the information congestion of internet users caused by by fragmented data that is exclusively encrypted. Some features of the developer class include:

  • Decentralized models easily integrate with advanced AI technologies and transparently encrypted with owner approval. This helps limit disputes between platforms and investors over access to information.
  • Masa encourages businesses and financial institutions to share information and open access to combinatorial analysis and machine learning to enhance highly reputable data sources for projects.
  • Individual users have the opportunity to monetize the information provided while still ensuring privacy.

What is MASA Token?

MASA token is the native cryptocurrency of Masa Network. It was launched on April 11. The cryptocurrency was sold through the CoinList community and eventually raised an excess of $8.75 million.

It is worth mentioning that so far this year, CoinList Launchpad has launched a total of six projects, namely Subsquid, zkLink, Nibrum, Meson, Masa and Bondex, and Masa is the only AI project.

MASA tokens are currently launched on Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and Avalanche Subnet, and distribute rewards for trading contests and data sharing. However, the MASA token team is still working to expand its token to other networks in the near future, including Polygon (MATIC), Coinbase-supported Base, and Celo, among others.

To mark the token listing, Masa allocated 25,000,000 MASA token prizes for trading contests and AI data farming.

MASA Token Economics

The total supply of MASA tokens is $1,588,866,523 MASAS, and its initial token allocation is as follows:

  • Core team: 25.6%
  • Key Partners + Advisors: 7.1%
  • Private Sales: 26.6%
  • CoinList CommunitySales: 7%
  • Community Rewards: 10%
  • zk-OracleStaking Rewards: 4.2%
  • Ecosystem Growth (Treasury) : 19.6%

MASA Outlook

According to the earliest data recorded by Coingecko, the MASA coin soared to $0.8032 shortly after its launch, but it quickly fell back.

As of April 12, MASA was trading at $0.4179, down 48.0% in the last 24 hours.

Masa wants to be a model for providing comprehensive data in the AI era, and the project’s ZK data marketplace is driven by an open data economy that gives users full control over their private information. With more than 745 user wallets, more than 70 partners, and more than 1.4 million participants and 48,000 connected nodes, Masa Finance has huge potential for future growth.

This was also evidenced by its record-breaking Coinlist social sale, which sold out in just 17 minutes, raising $8.75 million.

However, investors need to study carefully before deciding to join the platform.

How to Buy MASA?

MASA tokens are currently listed on leading centralized exchanges such as Bybit, Kucoin, Gate, HTX, PancakeSwap, etc. Users can purchase them on the above exchanges.

Unfortunately, BTCC does not currently support MASA coins, but offers more than 300 virtual currency contracts with leverage up to 225Χ and fees as low as 0%. If you want to start trading virtual currency contracts, you can start with BTCC.

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Although the Masa mainnet has just launched, the network already has more than 1.4 million participants and 48,000 connected nodes, and is backed by influential investors. Masa is not only building networks, but also shaping the future of AI in the Web3 industry. Currently, it is moving into the more mature Web2 space, partnering with AI developers and institutions to innovate within the AI industry.

\Deposit and Receive Up to 10,055 USDT!/

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