What are Aptos Wallets – The Best Aptos Wallets You Store APT Coins


What is Aptos?


To facilitate instant and safe transactions, Aptos use the Move programming language and is a scalable Layer 1 proof-of-stake blockchain. The Aptos project is led by the Aptos Labs Foundation, which was founded by ex-Meta (Facebook) personnel with the goal of making Aptos the most secure, efficient, and trusted blockchain platform in the world. According to the Aptos Labs website, the company’s goal is to “reinvent and enhance the web3 user experience.”


Originally created for Facebook’s Libra platform, Move is a Rust-based programming language for smart contracts (by the same team behind Aptos). There has been a lot of buzz around Aptos recently, and its unique history with Meta is likely a big reason why.


Across the course of three years, more than 350 programmers from all over the world have worked to perfect the blockchain. It was on October 12, 2022, that Aptos genesis happened, marking the beginning of the Aptos mission.


There are currently 130,000,000 APT tokens in circulation out of a total supply of 1,000,000,000, making Aptos (APT) the utility and governance token for the blockchain. It launched on the market at $8 and trades at an average of $7 at the time of writing. Immediately following its release, the ATP token was listed on major cryptocurrency exchanges, and it quickly rose to position #52 on Coinmarketcap.


Given that Solana has had network stability issues in the past, the crypto community has dubbed Aptos the “Solana killer” because of its ability to sustain 160,000 tps (transactions per second). While Aptos has great potential, it is still in its infancy and has a long way to go before it can compete with Solana’s extensive selection of smart contracts, DAOs, and DeFi platforms.


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Best Wallets for Aptos


Common wallets like MetaMask do not yet support Aptos. It’s likely that they’ll include Aptos support in the next several months.


There are several different wallets that support Aptos, including the popular ones mentioned above as well as others like the Spika Wallet, Safepal Wallet, Blocto Wallet, ONTO Wallet, Petra Wallet, and Petra Wallet.


Trust Wallet

When it comes to popular cryptocurrency wallets, Trust Wallet was the first to integrate with the Aptos blockchain. Binance now officially owns one of the world’s most popular cryptocurrency wallet applications.


With Trust wallet, you may use any decentralized application (dApp) or protocol built on the Aptos network exactly like you would with a protocol built on the Ethereum or BNB chain.


Petra Wallet


Petra Wallet, developed by Aptos Labs, is a plug-in for the Aptos browser. It functions as an interface to the lightning-fast Aptos blockchain and enables the transfer of digital tokens between users. By interacting with hundreds of different kinds of decentralized apps, Petra Wallet users can mint their own NFTs and experience the full potential of the Aptos ecosystem (dApps).


Petra Wallet connects you to the Aptos network. Petra Wallet is a free, Google Chrome extension-hosted web program that facilitates asset storage and transfer, NFT creation and viewing, and dApp interaction on the Aptos blockchain.

Martian Wallet

The Aptos blockchain is the foundation for the digital wallet known as Martian Wallet, which includes a Chrome extension and an iOS app (Google Play soon). The wallet has an astounding 300,000+ users on Chrome and allows you to mint NFTS directly to the Aptos blockchain.


ONTO Wallet

To the Cross-Chain Using a single private key, users of Crypto Wallet may manage digital assets across several blockchains. You can download the Android app from Google Play, the iOS app from the Apple App Store, or the Chrome extension for ONTO Wallet. Supporting the Aptos ecosystem, ONTO specializes in identification and management solutions.


Spika Wallet

Using the Spika Wallet extension for Google Chrome, you may access all the capabilities of the Aptos blockchain, including decentralized applications, swaps, NFTS, and more.


The ComingChat Wallet app combines instant chatting with a digital wallet system and is compatible with the Aptos network. As part of the Aptos ecosystem, the ComingChat app may be used on both Android and iOS devices.



FoxWallet, an iOS and Android app, is a multi-chain wallet that claims to be the finest Aptos wallet. Because it works with Aptos, the digital wallet can be used to gain entry to DApps and to move tokens across the blockchain.


Is MetaMask compatible with Aptos blockchain?

I’m afraid not. Since Aptos is not EVM-compatible, it can’t be integrated into MetaMask (Ethereum Virtual Machine).

Can I keep APT tokens in a hardware Ledger wallet?

No, Ledger.com does not currently provide support for Aptos, and there is currently no estimated availability (ETA) for when this might change.

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