Top 5 Coins to Buy Before the Next Bull Run | When is the Next Crypto Bull?




Although the cryptocurrency market is now in a bearish trend, there are a few coins that are gaining ground and appear to be here to stay. Five of these coins are highlighted here because we think they present good opportunities for investment in the next cryptocurrency bull run.


Many traders and investors think we have reached the bottom of the crypto market’s downturn and that a recovery is imminent. That’s great news for those looking to stock up on coins before they take off again, as it coincides with a typical buying period.


The next cryptocurrency bull run could yield even greater gains than the last one, but only if investors buy the proper coins at the lowest possible prices. There are seven coins that our analysis team thinks are worth buying before the next possible bull run.



A Quick Overview


Before we get too deep into each project, let’s have a look at what the coins have to offer.


  1. RobotEra (TARO) Is a Play 2 Earn Game That Can Compete with the Sandbox.
  2. Effective Presale Cryptocurrency Incentivizing Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reductions IMPT
  3. Popular Metaverse Game with High Staking APY: Tamadoge (TAMA)
  4. Deflationary Meme Token Offering Rewards Battle Infinity (IBAT)
  5. Scalable Crypto with High Bandwidth and Low Fees: Calvaria (RIA)




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 Top 5 Coins to Buy Before the Next Bull Run


Our research has shown that the coins our team examined offer investors a number of advantages and are characterized by certain unique qualities.

1.RobotEra (TARO)


In the new P2E game RobotEra, players rebuild the planet of Taro in exchange for TARO tokens.


Native tokens are used to purchase land, which is then developed by players with various buildings and events.


Pre-sale TARO tokens are still available during the first stage, giving early adopters a chance to buy in at the $0.02 price point before the token’s value doubles in stage 2.


Stage 3 tokens will be available for sale at $0.032 each following the conclusion of the presale, representing a 60% appreciation for early investors.


With the help of in-game tools, players can create robot avatars that can mine minerals, grow sacred trees, and collect raw materials; these robots can then be traded in the game’s marketplace for other currencies as NFTs.


Because of the game’s multiverse ecosystem, players can form new metaverses by establishing links to other worlds. More ways to earn rewards, such as throwing parties, singing in bands, and exhibiting art in museums, can be found as you travel between the worlds.

Players can make money by renting out billboard space to advertisers, constructing and selling structures in the metaverse, and staking TARO tokens to gain passive income and voting rights in the DAO.


Only 15% of RobotEra’s total 1.8 billion tokens are available in the presale, making this the optimal time to purchase TARO tokens.


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With nearly $13.5 million raised in less than a month during the presale, IMPT is clearly a successful cryptocurrency. This coin’s best feature is that it’s still in the second stage of the presale and can be purchased for just $0.023.


Investors have flocked to the platform after learning about IMPT’s use cases, and the coin has performed well in presales, providing a window into how it will fare on exchanges.


Investment funds and companies with a strong commitment to environmental sustainability are brought together through this platform. IMPT has formed partnerships with a number of major retailers, including Samsung, Microsoft, and LEGO, and offers its tokens to customers who make purchases at these establishments.


IMPT is a great cryptocurrency to invest in now before it crashes because it helps users and businesses monitor their carbon footprint.


Investors can calculate their impact on the environment through the social feature and earn points for doing so. To lower their carbon footprint and increase their point total, investors can either burn their carbon credits or exchange them for NFTs.


If an investor uses IMPT, they can amass a portfolio of NFTs that can be traded or held for long-term growth.



3.Tamadoge (TAMA)


Tamadoge is another excellent cryptocurrency to purchase when prices fall. By providing incentives to raise pets to adulthood, TAMA has shown that it is more than just a meme coin. Players advance up the rankings and gain TAMA tokens as their pets win battles and competitions.


Tamadoge has just released a huge catalog of NFT pets that players can buy to increase their chances of winning rewards by feeding, walking, and exercising digital pets to make them stronger for competitions.


TAMA is a deflationary token because 5% of all in-store transactions are burned, setting it apart from other meme coins like DOGE and Shiba Inu.


In addition to a successful presale that ended early, Tamadoge performed exceptionally well once it was listed on exchanges, with early buyers of the coin seeing returns of 1,800% just a few days after TAMA was listed on OKX.


In addition to the P2E Arcade, Tamadoge will release an augmented reality app that will enhance the realism of the player’s interaction with their pet.



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4.Battle Infinity (IBAT)


Another project with a successful presale was Battle Infinity, which was fully subscribed in just 25 of the allotted 90 days, and whose IBAT tokens were subsequently listed on PancakeSwap.


Despite the crypto winter, the coin’s value increased by 700% from its pre-sale level because investors were so taken with the game and the return on their investment. The game is available on six different platforms.


Tokens issued by IBAT can be staked for rewards or used to participate in the upcoming fantasy sports game, IBAT Premier League.

The maximum yearly return on staked coins in Battle Infinity is 25% APY.



5.Calvaria (RIA)


Calvaria is a new play to earn game built on Polygon’s network that aims to solve the scalability problem that plagues many blockchain games.


Currently in its final stages of presale, RIA tokens are in high demand as they allow players to take advantage of low transaction costs and high bandwidth.


Since the first four stages of the RIA ICO sold out quickly, now is the time to buy this top crypto under $1 before the token hits exchanges, where it is expected to pump.


Calvaria has raised over $2 million thanks to its partnerships with Kucoin and Gate, increasing the value of its tokens to $0.0325 at the time of writing.


Following the conclusion of the RIA presale, the token will be listed on cryptocurrency exchanges.


In this digital card game, players compete in tournaments and head-to-head matches, with the goal of advancing to the next level by amassing the most powerful deck possible. In addition, players can combine cards of equal strength to purchase more powerful versions of existing cards.

In Calvaria, players can vote on important issues and stake their coins to influence the game’s future. Several P2E tokens have shown in the past that they explode after their ICO, so investors should buy RIA tokens before the coin lists on exchanges.


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