Tamadoge (TAMA) May Pump 50x by 2023 -Time to Buy?

10/01/2022By: C, Fiona

The goal of the modest initiative known as Tamadoge is to merge the popularity of  play to earn video games with the current trend of meme tokens based on cute puppies. TAMA is a new token that has gained broad interest thanks to its striking design and instantly recognizable brand, as well as the ambitious nature of the project and the potential it holds.

Meme Coin Tamadoge Raises $1 Million in 14 Days - Where to Buy

It’s not Fair to Dismiss Tamadoge as a Puppy Token

Tamadoge is, first and foremost, an effort to cash in on the attention that is always going to be paid to the tokenized form of cute puppies.

DOGE and SHIB were two of the best-performing assets of the entire cycle, and even now they remain at astronomical valuations amid many of cryptocurrency’s blue chips, so speculators and investors who bought them during the last bull market would have performed far better than those who bought BTC or ETH.

Tamadoge bridges the gap between the digital and real worlds by providing a robust Web3 community experience.

The Tamadoge team is employing cutting-edge AR technology to realize their vision of people playing games with their Tamadoges in the real world, not unlike Pokemon Go.

There will Soon be a String of Exchange Listings

The Tamadoge team will announce tomorrow at 8am BST how to obtain presale tokens. It will be shared on Telegram and Discord, and anyone interested can sign up for email notifications on the Tamadoge website.

TAMA’s debut listing on a global market will be revealed at 12pm BST. Since it has been announced that this trading platform will be a tier one listing, there will undoubtedly be many fresh eyes on the development of this venture.


TAMA is More Practical than DOGE and SHIB


Despite their widespread use and undeniable appeal as speculative assets and communities, DOGE and SHIB were not developed with the goal of facilitating play in order to generate revenue.

As a result, DOGE and SHIB have a smaller selection of goods to offer their respective communities than Tamadoge.

Speculators are weighing the prospects for Tamadoge, wondering if it will be able to recreate the triumphs of puppy tokens that have come before it; if it can, TAMA might have spectacular performance over the next several months.