Dogecoin Goes Up by 10%, Tamadoge Increases $4.3 Million


In a nutshell, Dogecoin is up 10%

Dogecoin has gained 10% in the previous 24 hours, indicating that the cryptocurrency markets have started recovering from their lows.

With a 24-hour high of $0.088786, Dogecoin has seen a price increase of nearly 10% in the past day.


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40% Monthly Increase in SHIB

Not only has DOGE proven successful recently, but so have a number of other projects. The value of SHIB has increased by 40% over the past month.

The top of the bull market was marked by highs and enthusiasm, but the market as a whole is now much more tranquil than it was then. The market is in much better shape now that much of the leverage that had been present has been eliminated or liquidated.

DOGE and SHIB, the two largest puppy-themed enterprises, have both rebounded remarkably from their low points and shown that their communities can endure.

Preorders for Tamadoge Have Now Surpassed $4.3 Million

Much more quickly than anticipated, the third and final tranche of the $4.3 million presale for Tamadoge is closing out. Both DOGE and SHIB saw tremendous growth and success during the last bull market. Since SHIB didn’t exist in the previous cycle, only DOGE outperformed Bitcoin relative to the previous one.

The market for puppy-related products may seem untapped to some, but the time is here for a truly groundbreaking idea. A project can’t expand so rapidly without providing more than simply a meme; it must also have practical value.

Holders of Tamadoge can get paid for the time they spend playing the game thanks to the ecosystem’s “play to earn” design.

In addition, in the TAMA ecosystem, users can enjoy virtual puppy playtime, something that is not possible in the DOGE or SHIB environments. The team is hard at work on the necessary tech for a mobile app that will give customers the opportunity to interact with their virtual puppies.

Even more, the Tamadoge ecosystem will have its own unique metaverse built specifically for it, called the Tamaverse. You can have fun with friends and play games in a unique virtual environment by logging into our bespoke metaverse.

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