Shibarium release date: Will the blockchain launch pump SHIB price to $1?


Shibarium release date: Shiba Inu layer 2 solution Shibarium was not launched in Q3 2022 as scheduled. Unification, builders of Shibarium, stated that the team continues to optimize the internal alpha version of it every day. Therefore, overall, Shibarium is getting closer to the release of the public beta version.


Latest updates from builders indicate Shibarium release date is getting closer

Shiba Inu layer 2 builders, Unification, has released the latest updates about the Shibarium launch. In June 2022, Unification revealed that the public beta testing of Shibarium might be unveiled by Q3 2022 or afterward. Unfortunately, Shiba Inu developers could not launch Shibarium in the third quarter of 2022. Consequently, the social media community aggressively demanded updates concerning the team’s progress on the Shibarium launch. And many are asking when them can buy Shibarium. The lead developer of Shiba Inu, Shytoshi Kusama, stated that he keeps getting questioned about the release of Shibarium. In his response. Kusama said it would be unveiled “soon” – without giving specific answers.


The Unification Foundation is working rigorously on providing a secure, vision-usable product. According to a blog post by Unification. The foundation said:


Although the question of the release date of this project is something we hear and consider on a daily basis, it’s much more important for us to work with and support the team to ensure the most secure, usable vision and accompanying product possible.



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Significant achievements prior to the launch of Shibarium

Kusama also highlighted the recent significant achievements of Shiba Eternity, including over 250,000 downloads on iOS and Android and fixing bug issues on the game, among others. In addition to that, he said the update to the game would be released later in the month. The game will feature a unique NFT Drop named “Shiba Eternity Lore NFT Drop” on OpenSea. The art prices range from 0.001E to 1000E.


Could the events around the Shiba community spike the price of SHIB to $1? It could. All fingers are crossed toward the launch of the much-anticipated Shibarium game. Currently, $SHIB trades at $0.000012382373.


Furthermore, the Unification Foundation has stated that its partnership with the Shibarium team will remain a prioritized external project for the year. The team also added that they would push toward a successful Shibarium launch with maximum strength. In preparation for the public beta release, Unification highlighted some ongoing work on the alpha version.


According to an informative post-release by the builders of Shibarium, they said:


“The internal alpha continues to be optimized daily to be ready to fulfill the requirements and the sheer scale of the audience waiting for it. As a result, the core team has been moving fast and furiously with our advisory and is close to a public beta release. The Wen is soon and we are as excited to support, develop, and release a public update on the product shortly!”


Will the Shibarium blockchain launch pump Shiba Inu price to $1?

Meme coins are generally considered a “pump-and-dump” option, with holders buying them solely to wait for their value to rise so they can sell them for a profit. Since Shibarium will help stabilize or even increase the price of Shiba Inu through its burning mechanism, this will help reduce the token’s meme status.


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