Ripple (XRP) Price Prediction: What to Expect from Ripple NFT Partnership



  • With this web3.0 partnership, Ripple is able to offer NFTs to traders all across the world.
  • The collaboration between the two companies strengthens XRP Ledger’s NFT capabilities and cements Ripple’s position as a tried-and-true platform for digital art and collectibles.
  • XRP price optimistic estimates from analysts average $0.56.


In order to improve the platform, Ripple has partnered with Ethereal Labs.


Those with the ability to use NFT. Created by Ripple to subsidize digital art on its ledger, the Creator’s Fund is now a fully-fledged web3.0 platform thanks to the addition of NFT features.


Ripple’s most recent alliance takes NFT to the mainstream


XRP Ledger adoption in NFT markets may get a boost thanks to a new agreement announced by Ripple. Ripple NFTs have underperformed in recent days. Surprisingly, Ripple’s NFT performance has improved despite the current battle with the US financial regulator Securities and Exchange Commission.


Together, the two IT companies will increase NFTs’ usefulness and demand on Ripple and attract more business partnerships. Ethereal Labs is a well-respected web3.0 company because of the virtual artworks they’ve created for clients like Lionel Messi and Toys R Us.

It has been the opinion of Ethereal Labs’ chief operating officer Adrian Baschuk that the “siloed” structure of the virtual art industry has kept it from being more widely accessible. According to Baschuk, top artists will soon be able to create unique collections for Ripple users.


Ripple’s Chief Technology Officer, David Schwartz, has made hints that some FTX personnel may be interested in joining the company for cross-border payment settlement. Schwartz also offered this offer to Twitter staff.


It has been about two years since the case began between the SEC and Ripple. But the payments giant has kept probing new territory and developing novel uses for XRP Ledger.



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Market watchers have a positive outlook on XRP


Experts looked at the historical price history of XRP and forecasted a surge in the value of the altcoin. After a prolonged period of consolidation, XRP may soon make a new high above the $0.56 mark. A rally to the $0.56 level is possible if buyers drive XRP price to the $0.50 area.

XRPUSDT price chart
XRPUSDT price chart


As the bullish thesis is threatened if the XRP price drops below $0.30, we may see a continuation of the downtrend.

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