PYJAMAS Meme Coin Increased 600%; What You Should Know


Recently released Solana meme coin PYJAMAS has taken the cryptocurrency world by storm with a 600% price increase. This is what’s taking place.


In terms of gains, PYJAMAS, another meme coin from Solana, is leading the cryptocurrency market. In just one week, the token’s value has increased by almost 600%, and it continues to rise. It’s interesting to note that no bullish aspects of the market contributed to the price increase; instead, this occurred while the cryptocurrency market was in a neutral zone. How then is the price of PYJAMAS rising?


Let’s talk about the current state of the PYJAMAS price in this blog.


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PAJAMAS Price Analysis



A Solana coin called The First YouTube Cat (PYJAMAS) was released in the middle of March. The first-ever cat video on YouTube inspired the creation of this meme coin. A pet of YouTube co-founder Steven Chen, the feline bore the same name as the coin.



There has been a 690% increase in the value of this coin in the past week, and it is now trading at $0.03071, which is just 14% behind its 15-hour-ago all-time high. Starting on April 22nd, the price began to skyrocket, with the most significant increase occurring in the past two days.


The market capitalization of PYJAMAS is over $290.07 million, following a spike of almost 85.7%. In addition, the value has increased to $8.12 million, thanks to a 60% increase in trading volume.






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Why did the PYJAMAS Price Skyrocket?


PYJAMAS experienced an immediate uptick in demand, leading to a price jump of over 80% in the past day. Investors took notice of PYJAMAS since it was novel to the market and unlike the DOG-themed meme coins.


The token’s price has been going up since it has also managed to acquire community backing. The persistent success of the PYJAMAS meme coin was recently praised by an X account. Despite the odds in the market, PYJAMAS managed to transform losses into wins, as he indicated in the post.




The PYJAMAS meme coin was created by the equally famous and widely-popular Steve Chen. The First YouTube Cat’s origin narrative helped the token take off since its creators got the longing for bygone days and the want to keep them forever in people’s hearts.


Until recently, PYJAMAS was only available on a handful of exchanges. However, according to Steve Chen’s most recent X post, the likelihood of listing on Binance is high. The post went on to express his gratitude to Binance for organizing the meetings and his enthusiasm for contributing to the growth of the web2 and web3 industries.


Additionally, he brought up the now-famous Bitcoin Pizza incident, in which someone traded pizzas for bitcoin on May 22, the same day that PYJAMAS Cat was published on YouTube.





The Original YouTube Video If the current trend in the price of Cat keeps up, the meme coin might reach $0.01 over the next few days. The most successful cryptocurrency projects this week included PYJAMAS and a handful of other meme coins that have recently taken over the market. Experts predict that the cryptocurrency market may have a meme coin season just before a bull run due to these price increases, which might happen even if the market falls.





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