Pi Network: Will Pi Coins be Launched in 2022?


The vast majority of those who are interested in the future value of Pi Coin are already crypto investors. The mainnet for this project has not yet been released. As a result, the vast majority of its owners have no idea what their holdings are currently worth.

Pi Network Coin Price Prediction | Will Pi Have Any Value?


Despite this, though, many are still collecting Pi Coins. The fact that Pi Coin can be mined with a mobile device has made it popular with investors. More than 30 million users are still actively participating in the project today. Because of its success in developing nations, it keeps gaining adherents.


TechCabal just published an article claiming that the Pi Coin network is all the rage in Nigeria. Some users claim they’ve heard rumors that Chinese crypto holders are trading their coins for things like smartphones and automobiles. Thus, these fresh capitalists hoped to reap the same rewards as their Chinese crypto-investing contemporaries.


However, social media marketing and the spread of misleading information have helped Pi Coin gain popularity despite the fact that it has yet to be listed on any exchange.

Are There Plans to Introduce Pi Coin?


There is currently no known launch date for the project. As a result, it is difficult for us to make any educated guesses. There were rumors earlier this year, though, that Pi Coin might be released somewhere in the year’s second half. Nearly three-quarters of the way through the year, these rumors have faded, and it’s unlikely that a Pi Coin mainnet would launch this year.


It’s also likely to fail spectacularly if it ever gets off the ground. There are now millions of cryptocurrency holders. Most people who utilize it will want to sell their tokens or coins soon after it debuts because of the flooded market. As a result, its price will fall rapidly, and it may never again reach the level it was at on the day of its release.

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