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Your favorite cartoons from childhood are now available in the metaverse. The mystery of Nickelodeon NFT has been revealed.

The worth of all art in the world is estimated at $1.7 trillion, making collectibles one of the most diverse asset classes available.

According to Dapp Radar, the top five NFT marketplaces handled a total of $154 million+ in assets this past week, making them one of the fastest-growing collectibles markets. Though many collectors are capitalizing on blockchain‘s speed and simplicity, non-fungible tokens have had trouble breaking out of the crypto niche. However, this is beginning to alter as significant corporations begin conducting business in the metaverse.

Large companies have made their presence known in virtual worlds like Decentraland and the Sandbox, and some have even created their own NFT marketplaces tailored just to web3 users, such NBA Topshots on the Flow blockchain. Here is how Nickelodeon, the latest major brand to enter the metaverse, is doing so.

Nickelodeon NFT, Explained

Licensed by Nickelodeon, Nickelodeon NFTs are digital profile picture (PFP) collectibles based on classic Nick programs. It’s the first NFT collection from Nickelodeon to hit store shelves. There are now 10,000 distinct interpretations of characters from Rugrats and Hey Arnold! available on the xyz NFT marketplace. Recur, an NFT studio, facilitated the Nick NFT release, allowing companies associated with sports, television, and movies to access the metaverse.

Recurring pass

Both the Rugrats and Hey Arnold! Customers with a Recur Pass had access to the NFT sale before the general public. The 70,435 non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that make up a Recur Pass grant their holders early access to Recur NFT drops and metaverse experiences and were generated by a computer program. In order to gain entry to upcoming drops of Recur NFTs, you can acquire a Recur Pass from the marketplace.

A TV pack is a pre-packaged

You need to buy a Nickelodeon TV Pack NFT before you can use it to mint a Rugrats or Hey Arnold! NFT. By just opening the pack, Nick fans all across the world can get their hands on a PFP NFT of one of 12 popular characters.

For advertising, 500 of the total 10,000 TV Packs have been set aside. Originally priced at $50, the remaining TV Bundles can be purchased on the secondary market at for $225.

NFT Nickelodeon episodes are quite rare

According to how uncommon its characteristics are, each Nickelodeon PFP NFT is given a slime score. You can increase the slime score of a single NFT of a Rugrats character by giving them uncommon clothing or props (such a party hat or a toy Reptar), or by giving them a specially designed background. The animation’s hand and facial gestures, as well as the characters’ attitudes and attire, all contribute to the NFT’s uniqueness. Included in this set are both the Hey Arnold! and Rugrats casts, including Arnold, Helga, Gerald, Harold, Phoebe, and Rhonda, and Tommy, Angelica, Chuckie, Susie, Phil, and Lil.

Splat Factory

A number of Slime NFTs equal to the slime score can be exchanged for a number of Hey Arnold! or Rugrats NFTs. Sliming your Nickelodeon NFT (trading your PFP NFT for Slime) at the Splat Factory is advantageous because only 5,000 Slime NFTs exist and they can be used to mint an even rarer Nickelodeon NFT. Earn slime this way, or purchase it from other players on the secondary market.

Mashups NFTs

Collecting 10 Slime NFTs allows you to create an extremely uncommon Mashup NFT. The Mashups are a set of 500 PFP NFTs, each of which features a character from Hey Arnold! mashed together with a character from Rugrats. With the Mashup collection, Nick lovers can relive their childhoods with 36 new and exciting takes on their favorite characters, such as Tommy and Arnold from their favorite shows.


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How buy Nickelodeon NFTs?

If you’re looking for a place to buy Nickelodeon NFTs, here’s the scoop:

There’s no mystery as to why the TV Packs NFT drop sold out in a matter of minutes; Nickelodeon NFTs are throwbacks that transport fans back to their childhoods spent watching Nick cartoons. Cartoons like “Hey, Arnold!” and “The Rugrat With a floor price of $142, the NFT collection has broken into the top 1000 on both the Opensea NFT market and the market.

Slime and Nick PFP NFTs can be purchased with ETH on Opensea at lower prices than they are available for on the Nickelodeon marketplace, which takes fiat and various cryptocurrencies. Keep an eye out for future Recur releases that feature additional popular Paramount Global cartoon series.

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