How to Trade Cryptocurrency Futures?


Crypto futures trading is no different from other trading forms, and its difficulty depends on the leverage you choose. When trading in the spot market or other derivatives, whether contracts for differences or options, you should follow most effective rules. Most of the rules are related to risk management and finding the best entry and exit points.

The following are the main steps to successfully start your journey of cryptocurrency futures trading.

  • Set aside some money – one of the key risk management recommendations is that your investment should never exceed the loss you are prepared to lose. And never borrow money to trade, unless we are talking about technical lending used in margin trading.
  • Give your time – if you’re going to turn it into a profitable activity, you shouldn’t make your cryptocurrency futures trading a hobby. Make sure you take time to learn futures trading, find the right entry point, and monitor your open positions.
  • Trading on a demo account – you can start trading with virtual funds on a simulated account. Before entering futures trading, it usually imitates the spot price of bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency.
  • Choose a futures trading platform – reputation is a key when choosing a cryptocurrency exchange. So if you’re a beginner, start trading on a reputable exchange, for example, BTCC,  It offers leveraging of up to 150x on USDT perpetual contracts which support 14 major cryptocurrencies. 14 trading pairs are available and trader can make profit by either holding long or short position.

What is the Profit of Cryptocurrency Futures Trading?

Cryptocurrency futures trading can be very profitable if appropriate risk management is implemented. For ordinary traders, this activity may be more profitable than bitcoin mining, which requires expensive equipment. However, this is the best case scenario. As with any form of transaction, there are considerable risks that should not be ignored.

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