How to Mint Art Gobblers NFT? A Guide for Beginners


How to Mint Art Gobblers NFT?

Till now, we have established that Art Gobblers begin at a supply of 2,000, issued as a free mint. But the people on the mintlist were only allowed to mint these ‘free to mint’ Art Gobblers NFT. Of these, 300 Gobblers go to the core team and the remaining 1,700 will go to the community, collaborators, artists, builders, contest winners, builders, and others.


Mintlist is mainly composed of artists, collectors, and builders who participated in 3 contests –one for artists, one for collectors, and one for builders.


The contest required artists to draw using the ‘draw tool’ illustrating a concept from the project’s Greenpaper. Collectors were asked to share their reflections on what Art Gobblers mean for the crypto art word – aesthetically, socially, culturally and economically.  The builders were also asked to create anything consisting of Gobblers, Goo, protocols, or novel games that integrate Gobbler assets.


Winners got a spot in the mintlist based on the coolest stuff they made for the Art Gobblers ecosystem. Mintlist also included the holder of an NFT from one of Justin Roiland’s previous collections and other small contests hosted to encourage collaboration.


As of now, the mintlist is already full and you can only wait for the next minting process or grab one from the secondary market.


Over the next ten years, the remaining 8,000 Gobblers will be minted. The protocol used will issue around 200 Gobblers per month, but the supply will slow down over time. This way, the community can grow quickly while also avoiding over-inflation in the long term.


The distribution is such that one in ten newly minted Gobblers will accrue to the team. An additional one in ten will go to a vault to be distributed among the community.



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Art Gobblers Future Prospect

There is no roadmap for Art Gobblers as of now. Neither Justin Roiland nor Paradigm nor the Art Gobblers team plan to build anything new after this ongoing free mint. Also, Art Gobblers doesn’t have any metaverse plan yet.


It’s based on an experimental alien technology that will be unleashed as more people join the ecosystem. The mechanism making up the Art Gobblers experiment is focused on empowering the artist and creating a collectors-driven community.


As artists keep on making cool art, the cultural relevance of Art Gobblers will grow and Gobbler art will be in higher demand from collectors. Seeing the higher collector demand, artists will produce ‘cooler’ art and that’s how it will create a self-sufficient ecosystem.


Head on to OpenSea NFT marketplace to grab one of these Goo-loving aliens, Gobble on!


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