How to buy land in Metaverse? Guide For Beginner


A few years ago, investing in virtual real estate sounded ridiculous. Today, the situation is very different. Now, you can buy virtual land in digital worlds such as decentraland (mana), and with the emergence of meta space, investors are pouring in. Please read on to learn more about Metaverse and how you can invest in virtual real estate in order to participate in the potential land competition of Metaverse as soon as possible.

The cheapest piece of metaverse land is selling for a whopping $12,000

What is Metaverse?

Now, Metaverse is usually interpreted as an alternative digital reality, which combines virtual reality, augmented reality and extended reality, in which human beings will be able to work, play and live in a digital way.

Metaverse is a term and concept that has existed for more than 30 years, but it was only recently that the idea of Metaverse suddenly became popular after Facebook announced its plan to become a Metaverse company.

Therefore, more and more investors are exploring investment opportunities in this fast-growing new space. Buying virtual land in the leading digital world is one of these opportunities.
So let’s delve into what virtual land is and why investors are eager to try.


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Why are Investors Buying Virtual Land?

Real estate is one of the most popular asset classes in the world, and now it also exists in the digital field. Virtual land is an invisible land existing in the virtual world. Just like physical land, it is also sold in the form of plots and can be purchased in the currency of specific land. Today, there are several virtual worlds that allow you to buy virtual real estate. Decentraland is arguably one of the most popular.

In this budding Metaverse, the price of virtual land has reached hundreds of thousands of dollars. In June, a piece of land in decentraland sold for more than $900000. And this is just an example. Given the growing interest in metaverse, the potential ROI (return on investment) of virtual land looks promising for speculators proficient in cryptocurrency.

Second, investors can put their virtual land into use and earn income from it: if you own a virtual land, you can hold exclusive events or parties and charge people who want to attend.
For example, American rapper Snoop Dogg held an exclusive party on the sandbox’s non fungible token (NFT) platform to rebuild his real-life mansion. Participants need to have an NFT, which is like a pass to let them enter the event site.

Third, investors can generate regular income from their virtual land. For example, you can use NFT to build a virtual house on your virtual land and rent it to get monthly income. Or set up an NFT art gallery and rent the space to new cryptocurrency artists to display their works in Metaverse.

Step by Step Guide to Help You Buy Land in Decentraland

Decentraland is a virtual reality platform based on blockchain, which enables users to buy land, play games, hold activities and communicate with each other in a variety of ways.
It is the largest virtual universe in NFT space and has its own tokens – mana and land.

The size of each land on decentraland is 16 meters by 16 meters and is represented as an NFT. The maximum number of land on decentraland is 90000, which helps to create scarcity. Anyone can buy, rent or sell land on decentraland through opensea, an NFT market, or through decentraland’s official market.

Now that you know what decentraland is, here is a step-by-step guide to how you can buy decentraland land directly from its market.


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Step 1: Enter Decentraland Market

First, you need to visit decentraland’s market if you haven’t logged in or registered.
After logging in, browse to “packages and properties”. Then click “view all”.

Step 2: Select a Parcel

The next step is to browse the existing land and choose the land you like. The advantage of purchasing decentraland land directly from the market is that you can see the adjacent areas and the distance from the famous areas.

Once you have selected your virtual land, continue to click on it to read it in detail. Here, you will see the price, availability and the name of the owner of the land in mana.
Click “buy” to make a purchase.


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Step 3: Connect Your Wallet to Decentraland Marketplace

In order to make a purchase, you need to ensure that your wallet is connected to your account, because once the purchase is successful and completed, the land will be sent to your wallet as NFT.

If you don’t have a wallet, you can download wallets such as metamask and trust wallet. Remember, your preferred wallet needs to have enough mana or Ethereum (ETH) for you to buy. In addition, you need some extra tokens to take care of the gas bill.

Step 4: Confirm Your Virtual Land

Once the purchase is completed, you can confirm your land on your wallet. You can use the tag of “wallet” and “Mask” to confirm your collection.


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Does it Deserve to Buy Virtual Land in Metaverse?

So far, the virtual real estate market only knows one direction, that is to rise. Driven by Facebook’s promotion of Metaverse and the interest of investors focusing on Web 3.0 in all Metaverse, virtual real estate may become a very profitable asset category, especially for early investors.

However, like any investment you make, you should not invest more than you can afford to lose.Although it is undeniable that the virtual real estate market has increased significantly, it is a relatively new market. Investors should do due diligence and appropriate research before investing.


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