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Both consumers and businesses have shifted their focus dramatically in recent years to become more environmentally friendly. This shift has increased demand for accessible services that make it easier for individuals to lessen their environmental footprint. When it comes to emission reduction, stands out as a project with the potential to become a market leader due to its novel approaches.

In this article, we will examine the where and how to buy an IMPT Token. Start here.

How to Buy IMPT Token?

There’s potential for IMPT to experience rapid expansion in the coming months as it positions itself to become one of the market’s premier future cryptocurrencies. Below, we’ve outlined the steps you need to take in order to acquire IMPT tokens during the presale at the best potential price.

1. Make Crypto Wallet

An investor needs an Ethereum-compatible (ERC) cryptocurrency wallet in order to take part in the IMPT token presale. MetaMask and Trust Wallet are two of the best-equipped popular wallets, however most will offer this feature.

Investors can construct a wallet by installing a browser add-on or a mobile wallet on their device. MetaMask users can use either a desktop or mobile wallet, however Trust Wallet users can only use a mobile wallet. After downloading, the on-screen instructions make setting up a breeze.

metamask site

Once the wallet has been created, the recovery code must be written down and stored securely to prevent loss in the event of a malfunctioning storage device.


2. Acquire Some ETH or USDT

The Ethereum ERC-20 standard serves as the basis for the IMPT coin. It can be bought using either Ethereum (ETH) or USDT. Therefore, a buyer of either asset must buy the other first before achieving IMPT. Ethereum can be purchased through a supervised exchange like eToro, or through the website and the Transak service using a credit card or debit card.

It’s important to think about gas costs and the ideal IMPT token supply before committing to a purchase. To make a purchase, you must have a minimum of 10 IMPT (currently worth $0.18). However, as petrol prices usually range from a few dollars to tens of dollars, it may be worthwhile to stock up on IMPT at $100 or more each transaction.

To get ETH or USDT from an exchange or broker, investors must first build a cryptocurrency wallet, ensuring it is connected to the Ethereum network, and then withdraw their funds from the exchange or broker into the wallet. If you want to buy Ethereum (ETH) on, you’ll need to link your cryptocurrency wallet to the service first. The currency will then be sent from the platform to your wallet automatically.

3. Connect Wallet

Once you’ve accumulated any ETH or USDT, you can connect your new cryptocurrency wallet with the service. A second or two is all it will take to complete this easy task. Simply navigate to, pick MetaMask (or Wallet Connect if using a different crypto wallet), then confirm the connection from the wallet by clicking the blue ‘Connect Wallet’ button.


4. Buy IMPT

The next step is to go ahead and buy some IMPT tokens. To buy IMPT tokens, go to, link a cryptocurrency wallet, choose an appropriate payment method (ETH or USDT), enter the desired amount to spend (10 IMPT minimum), and click “Convert USDT” or “Convert ETH.” The presales for IMPT will end, and then investors will receive their tokens at a token generation event (TGE).


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What is IMPT Token?

Once we’ve covered the steps necessary to acquire IMPT, we can dive into the project’s specifics.

Today, more people than ever before contribute to global warming by emitting carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. There has been a lot of destruction in our environment as a result of this, with temperatures breaking records and problems cropping up all over the world. A greater effort has been made in recent years to green the goods and services we consume.

IMPT Token Raises $220,000 in first 24 hours of presale - Best Green Crypto for 2022? - Business 2 Community

The current market price for a carbon credit is $1.00, which is enough to compensate for 1 metric ton of carbon emissions made by a single person or business. Scams and false promises abound in the carbon reduction industry, which might discourage people from making a beneficial change. However, the worldwide carbon offset market is worth more than $270 billion, thus streamlining the industry presents a massive opportunity for a business.

By tokenizing carbon credits and making them available to users in the form of NFTs, is poised to revolutionize the carbon reduction business. Therefore, IMPT will be one of the most reliable platforms in the business, as every carbon credit it sells will be irreversible and verifiable. More importantly, tokenizing carbon credits removes the possibility of double spending because each token represents a single credit.

There are three options available on for users looking to acquire a carbon credit.

  • Carbon credits can be bought directly from by anyone.
  • More than 10,000 industry-leading companies are collaborating with An individual can buy items from these stores and receive IMPT tokens, which can be traded for carbon credits.
  • A business that wants to cut down on its carbon footprint can do so by linking its online store with and designating a portion of its profit to carbon offsetting programs.

After purchasing a carbon credit, the user can choose from a directory of verified environmental groups from which to purchase carbon offsets. The conventional carbon offsetting landscape has nothing on this system’s ease and safety. As a result, IMPT has the potential to become the de facto standard for carbon offsetting, a rapidly expanding field.


In this article, we’ve covered the ins and outs of purchasing IMPT tokens, highlighted the nature of the underlying project, and laid out the case for why you may want to do so.

Now is a great moment to take a look at because the presale has begun. At the moment, IMPT tokens can be purchased for just $0.018, making this the ideal time to buy in bulk before their price increases by over 30% to $0.023 in phase two of the presale.


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