How to Buy Aptos (APTOS) Crypto– Beginner’s Guide

08/17/2022By: C, Fiona

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On most cryptocurrency exchanges, you need to have Bitcoin (BTC) or Ethereum (ETH) to trade with before you can buy Aptos (APTOS).

The good news is that Coinbase makes it easy to buy either cryptocurrency with your Credit Card or even your bank account.

NOTE: There are other online places to buy BTC and ETH, but this guide will focus on Coinbase because it’s the easiest for people who are new to investing in cryptocurrency.

1. Register for a Coinbase account

Coinbase is a popular cryptocurrency exchange, and while there are apps for both iOS (iPhone) and Android, I’ve found that using their website is the simplest option.

1) Visit the site in question.

2) Then, under the “Get Started” section, enter your email address. When creating your Coinbase account, use an email address that you regularly check and consider to be the safest option.

Third, you’ll be asked by Coinbase to specify whether you’re an individual or a company. To save time, I will assume that you are not a company and proceed with opening a personal account. Use your genuine name, as Coinbase will check it against government databases to ensure your identity.

4) After that, Coinbase will ask for your email address verification. Check your inbox and follow the instructions. Even though the email verification process is a minor annoyance, rest assured knowing it’s there because you want to finance your account with real money.

5) you should be logged in to your Coinbase account. Since you’ll be depositing real money into your Coinbase account, there are a few more verification processes you’ll need to take. A mobile phone number’s legitimacy is the initial step.

Your cell phone number is used to set up Two-factor authentication (2FA) on your Coinbase account, which is an extra layer of security. Simply said, Coinbase will notify you via text message if anything significant happens with your account.

You may rest assured; I’ve used Coinbase for quite some time, and they have NEVER sent me spam. Really, all this serves as is an extra safeguard for your account.

6) To establish your financial backing (i.e how you plan on purchasing your Bitcoin or Ethereum). Either a bank account or a credit card will do as payment alternatives for you. Considering that you are here on this tutorial because you want to buy Aptos (APTOS) with Bitcoin or Ethereum, I recommend that you choose the Credit Card funding option.

Using a credit card expedites the buying process, and once you have the coins you may start trading them straight away. The one drawback to using a credit card is that your weekly spending limit will start out at roughly $750.

Your purchased cryptocurrency will not be available for trade for 4–5 business days if you choose to fund your account via a Bank Account. You’ll be able to lock in your purchase price at the moment of purchase, but that doesn’t mean you can immediately put that money toward other Aptos purchases (APTOS).


2. Make your initial Bitcoin (BTC) or Ethereum (ETH) purchase on Coinbase

If you’re ready to buy Aptos, now is the time to make your first Bitcoin or Ethereum purchase (APTOS).

Coinbase, as I indicated at the outset of this primer, simplifies entry into the bitcoin investment market. Simply navigate to your BUYS pages and make your currency selection there.

Considering the volatility of the cryptocurrency market and the fact that I am not a financial advisor, you will have to make your own value judgments about which cryptocurrency to invest in. I can tell you that Bitcoin is accepted at most, if not all, of the exchanges where Aptos (APTOS) is available for investment (BTC).

Choose an amount that you are willing to invest. We’re talking about actual money here. Be aware that you will be investing a fraction of a coin rather than buying a whole one. As it turns out, understanding this is useful information for your future bitcoin investments.

After that, decide where you’re going to get your money (i.e Credit Card). Then select the BUY button.

Coinbase has a tiny fee (3.99% for credit card payments) when you buy Bitcoin or Ethereum. The good thing is you are informed of the whole cost of your purchase before you commit to making it.


3. Invest in Aptos with Bitcoin or Ethereum (APTOS)

With your Coinbase funds in hand, it’s time to buy Aptos (APTOS).

Since Coinbase only supports purchases of Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, and Litecoin, you will need to move your Bitcoin or Ethereum holdings to a different cryptocurrency exchange. This may sound painful, but I assure you it is not.

You can purchase Aptos (APTOS) on a variety of cryptocurrency exchanges right now.

As the process for creating a trading account varies from one cryptocurrency exchange to the next, I will not be covering it in this article. However, the vast majority of exchanges (including first affiliate) offer a straightforward onboarding procedure comparable to Coinbase. Since you’ll be paying with the Bitcoin or Ethereum you already own, the process of getting set up should be quicker.

As soon as you’ve signed up for an account at an exchange that deals in Aptos (APTOS), you may move your Bitcoin or Ethereum from Coinbase to your chosen trading platform. A wallet is used for this purpose.

Stop worrying; it’s not as complicated as it sounds.

Get your Bitcoin or Ethereum wallet ID from the exchange where you plan to buy Aptos (APTOS). To deposit Bitcoin or Ether, look for the DEPOSIT button on the exchange’s homepage. Your wallet ID should be displayed there, or you should be prompted to create one. The ID of your wallet is unique to your account.

VERIFY that the coin you bought from Coinbase corresponds to the coin in your wallet. There is no mixing of Bitcoins and Ethereum; each currency must be stored in its own dedicated wallet.

Go back to your Coinbase account once you have the wallet ID for your chosen cryptocurrency. For the sake of completeness, I’ve linked below to Coinbase’s official instructions for sending funds to a different wallet.

Your transaction must now go through the blockchain network and be confirmed numerous times before it can be completed. In your position, there is nothing to be done but to wait for things to occur. This could take as little as 5 minutes or as long as a few hours, depending on the day.

The good news is, Coinbase provides a link in your account to monitor the transfer.

Your exchange should have the funds available in their account once the transfer has been verified, and you may then use those funds to purchase Aptos (APTOS).

You should look for the APTOS/ETH investment if you have Ethereum (ETH) that you bought from Coinbase.

Bitcoin May be Found at APTOS/BTC

Coinbase customers need not worry if they are unable to invest in Aptos (APTOS) with the cryptocurrency they have purchased on the exchange. All that’s required is a trade into that currency.

I’ll say it again: I’m not a financial expert, therefore I can’t recommend how you should proceed.

When the time comes to invest in Aptos (APTOS), you’ll likely have a few options.

One is to pay the going rate for a purchase. The stock price of Aptos (APTOS) as of this writing is $0.00. There is certainly no harm in buying now, but if you were hoping for a price cut or suspect the market will correct, you may want to consider the limit price.

You can use the limit price option to indicate that you want to buy a fixed number of Aptos tokens (APTOS) at a specified price. You will be charged for APTOS whenever its price reaches that threshold. You should keep in mind that the market’s volatility makes it unlikely that the price would fall below your stop loss level.

Take note that the price you pay for Aptos (APTOS) will depend on the currency you trade it for, regardless of the trade method you choose (BTC or ETH). If an exchange doesn’t offer a local currency conversion, you can always use Google to find out how much 0.0025 Bitcoin is in U.S. dollars.


You should MAKE SURE to keep tabs on your investment in Aptos (APTOS) now that you’ve made your initial purchase. Even though this is handled automatically by the exchange you bought Aptos from, doing so through a third-party website or app is much more convenient. Here is a selection of the most useful places online and mobile apps to keep tabs on your cryptocurrency portfolio.

Aside from Aptos, the exchange you used to buy them probably also lets you buy other cryptocurrencies (APTOS). If you already have a Coinbase account, you can skip the setup steps and proceed directly to step 2.