Can Dogecoin Reach a 50x Increase by 2023? These Coins May Explode



Many in the community are excited by the prospect of substantial profits, and recent events—like the frenzy around Elon Musk’s purchase of Twitter—have contributed to a strong performance by the cryptocurrency’s price. Will Dogecoin be worth 50 times as much in 2023? There’s no way that it could ever surpass the combined market caps of Bitcoin and Ether.


Some newer, smaller-cap projects, however, have a lot of room to expand in the coming months and could perhaps beat Dogecoin.



This project, known as IMPT, aims to completely change the carbon credit industry. We accomplish this by giving cash back to IMPT users who “buy responsibly” on the IMPT shopping platform.


Thanks to their affiliate program, which favors businesses with strong ESG scores, IMPT has been able to bring over 25,000 different brands into its e-commerce platform.


One can demonstrate one’s commitment to environmental responsibility by exchanging IMPT tokens earned through cash back for carbon credits represented by NFTs.



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Its $3.5 million in presale funding shows that the new trading signals platform Dash 2 Trade is gaining traction.


Dash 2 Trade’s interface positions itself as the “Bloomberg terminal of crypto,” yet it has significantly more functionality than a typical Bloomberg terminal and costs a fraction of what it would to use one.






The RIA token (Calvaria’s native token) is used in the platform’s internal play-to-earn games. It can be used as a governance token for the Calvaria DAO, in addition to being utilized in-game and as a reward for players.


This not only gives players a stake in the environment they’re using to play, but also gives them a say in how that environment develops.



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Tamadoge is a brand new venture that is capitalizing on the convergence of puppy-themed meme coinage, play-to-earn gaming, and the metaverse by raising $19 million in a presale and putting that money toward the development of key features on their roadmap.

TAMA has appreciated in value since its launch, and its backers are keeping their fingers crossed that the ongoing fervor over “puppy meme coins” would prove to be a benefit for the TAMA venture.


Further, the Tamadoge team is working on the Tamaverse, a bespoke metaverse designed for the Tamadoge platform. Moreover, they are working on a smartphone app that would provide users with a way to engage with their Tamadoges through the medium of augmented reality.

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