Bitgert and Budblockz Have Ambitions to Crack Top 100 Crypto

2022/09/14By: L, Laura

The crypto landscape continues to evolve rapidly. With more than 20,000 digital currencies now in existence, there are naturally winners and losers. Not surprisingly, there are more underperforming tokens than success stories. Nonetheless, there is still room for new tokens to force their way to the negotiating table. Right now, Bitgert (BRISE) and BudBlockz (BLUNT) are two that have a real chance to make it happen.


Breaking into the Crypto Top 100 is the goal for thousands of altcoins while those that do will deliver fantastic results for their backers and people who trade their tokens. Only a small percentage will make it happen. Here’s why BudBlockz and Bitgert could do it in Q4 or 2023.


An exciting new release in late2022 – BudBlockz

BudBlockz is yet to officially launch its BLUNT token. However, its current popularity and backing ensure that big things are expected. Many experts have anticipated that it will grow substantially over the next year, with top analysts suggesting that it could become bigger than Polygon.


The digital token isn’t the first cannabis-inspired token to hit the ledger. However, BudBlockz is more than a novelty coin. It is the token used to facilitate transactions within the BudBlockz community, which is set to unite dispensaries, farmers, consumers, and investors by facilitating the purchase and sale of marijuana products.


Many businesses in this industry struggle with banking issues, but the decentralized cryptocurrency can transform the future of a business sector that has seen several new doors open over the past few years. BudBlockz combines the privacy of blockchain technology with transparency to deliver a truly practical solution.


With the $BLUNT token playing a central role in the BudBlockz operation, investors will be keeping an eye on its developments even if they don’t consume marijuana themselves. It is currently in its presale stage and trading at $0.021, which is expected to rise rapidly before the official launch, and many suspect it will continue to grow after this. Its maximum circulation is set to 420,000,000. It could break the Top 100 long before that threshold is hit.



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Bitgert (BRISE): will not stop at 300

Bitgert, or the BRISE token, only launched in mid-2021. However, it has been certified by Coin Market Cap as a top 300 asset. In fact, it has broken into the top 250 in recent weeks and looks set to stay there.


Yet, like most digital tokens, it did suffer a decline in mid-2022. So, despite outperforming most assets since its launch and steady growth over the past three months, Bitgert remains short of the peak it reached in March. When combined with the fact that it trades at just $0.0000008, it is a fantastic low-cost solution for investors of varying budgets and experience levels.


Bitgert is one of the fastest-growing blockchain ecosystems and delivers a zero-cost and gas-free solution. This makes it particularly appealing given the growing demand to build an eco-friendly society and global situations surrounding gas supplies.


The fact that it is already in the top 300 and has built a community of over 250,000 users underscores Bitgert’s true potential. For anyone considering buying Bitgert (BRISE), now may be the best time to take the plunge.


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