Battle Infinity vs Illuvium Game: Why Battle Infinity Is Superior To The Illuvium Game?


Released in 2022 for PC and Mac, Illuvium is an open-world adventure, NFT monster collector, and autobattler built on the Ethereum Blockchain. Compete in a visually stunning science fiction adventure and take control of the world around you to ensure the survival of your shipwrecked crew.

Discover the horrible events that shattered Illuvium as you travel across seven stunning alien environments.


What is Illuvium Game?

We have yet to see the release of the game Illuvium, which is currently in development. Illuvium Games, where it was made, is still hard at work on it. This role-playing adventure game will have a wide variety of environments, missions, puzzles, and foes.

Creatures, magic, and more mysteries await. It’s unknown whether Illvium Games will release the game on consoles or PCs, given that both platforms are viable options for creating the game.


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Will We See the Release of the Illuvium Game Anytime Soon?

The developers claim that their games are always released after extensive testing and quality control. When will the open-world, auto-battle game Illuvium, built on the blockchain and funded to the tune of $5 million, be released to the general public?

Illuvium’s PC and Mac release has been slated for 2022, although no exact date has been announced. On the other hand, the current bear market in cryptocurrencies suggests that this won’t happen until the fourth quarter of 2022 or the first quarter of 2023.

Earlier this year, in Private Beta 1, Illuvium introduced the auto-battler game mode. There are about 7,000 beta testers for the features at the moment, and they want that number to expand substantially. Illuvium wants to push games into public beta once major changes have been made, and the response has been very positive thus far.

On July 5, 2022, at the launch of the Illuvium Universe, they also announced the Illuvitars, a virtual character similar to an Avatar.


Illuvium has said console adaptations are in development and a “Second Major Illuvium Title” will be released in 2023, with the mobile release following the PC release in 2022.

Unanticipated challenges during the project’s development could cause these deadlines to change. In spite of the fact that “two hacks caused delays to vital projects,” the group has made significant progress in many other areas, as was noted in a January post.

When the corporation first started offering the Illuvium land sale, it was just for gamers to buy. Any of the game’s 20,000 pieces of land can be “minted” and used by players to build industries and diversify their in-game resources.

Why Battle Infinity is superior?

Since Illuvium has not yet been made available in gaming tokens, all eyes have been on the Battle Infinity. Investors can now purchase IBAT after it was listed on PancakeSwap last week. Given that Battle Infinity is about to be listed on the LBank exchange, the token has not been out of the spotlight for very long. As a result, the value of IBAT is increasing.

There are many different pay-to-win (P2E) fight games available on the Battle Infinity platform. All games are included in the Metaverse universe that is the IBAT Battle Arena. In the Battle Infinity universe, players may do more than just fight and play games; they can also explore the expansive Metaverse.

Players can collaborate in the virtual Battle Arena by performing for one another, watching one another, and exploring the world together. The IBAT cryptocurrency is rising in popularity due to its practical uses.

More information on the Battle Infinity NFT (non-fungible token) games platform may be found in the whitepaper, the roadmap, and at



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