Art Gobblers: The NFT bull run or a new hyped and rigged scam?


Art Gobblers NFT project has became the latest set to sell like hotcakes, and sale volume and price are skyrocketing on OpenSea and


The Art Gobblers NFT collection, which was free to mint. Since its launch on November 1, Art Gobblers NTF has been gobbling up the NTF marketplace. Today, Art Gobblers has over 7,000 ETH of trading volume.


There are currently 1,154 unique owners representing a very healthy distribution of 66% unique owners. There is speculation and some collectors have the expectation is that Beeple and all the other big NFT artists will be doing works to feed to the gobblers. To purchase the NFT you need their token GOO. Its ecosystem seems a bit complicated and there isn’t any solid info floating around. Also, there is no roadmap for the project.


Nevertheless, the project’s unique ideas, immediate success, and controversy surrounding its allowlist process have made it a lightning rod for discussion and debate on Twitter.


Art Gobblers NFT – a decentralized art factory or a rigged scam?

Art Gobblers is a new NFT project created by Rick and Morty co-creator Justin Roiland and web3 venture capitalist company Paradigm.


There are 1,800 NFT tokens available for purchase. These tokens serve as an on-chain art gallery where people can “digest” pieces of artwork made by the factory. They can then use these tokens to assemble their own personal collections.


Goo is the native token of the ecosystem, and is used to buy blank canvasses for artists to use when they want to paint new artwork. It is also used to create new Gobblers.


Art can be minted using GOO ERC-20 token, and GOO can be earned by holding Gobblers. The tokenomics get a bit complex – after earning GOO, holders can create “Pages,” which are NFTs that act as blank canvases to either digest, trade or “glaminate” with custom artwork.


Blank Pages enables artists to mint 1/1 drawings into the ecosystem through a process called “glamination.” This art NFT will then belong to the artist who created it.


The team describes the creation of art on Blank Pages as the main point of the entire ecosystem. As more art is created, the team expects the blank pages to become rare, scarce and valuable over time.


Some skeptics argue that the NTF scenario is rigged or that these are money laundering or Ponzi scam. However, Art Gobblers’s sale volume and price do seem rather significant for the depth of a bear market.


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