Aptos Crypto Price Prediction – Will Aptos Reach 0$?


Aptos cryptocurrency was introduced to the world on October 19, 2022, and it has since shown much promise. However, the crypto community was thrown into chaos by the volatile market. Should you put money into Aptos tokens? Aptos Crypto: What Is It? Let’s review the Aptos project and see what transpired in the initial trading sessions. Will there be a complete valueless Aptos collapse?

What is Aptos Crypto (APT) ?


If you’re looking for a PoS blockchain, go no further than Aptos crypto. This network operates at the lowest feasible layer and is designed to produce the most robust and scalable blockchain imaginable. The Aptos blockchain employs the Move programming language and the Move VM, which were designed and optimized for blockchain use cases. Diem’s original developers, researchers, designers, and constructors make up the crew. In this regard, Diem was the pioneering blockchain project.


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Aptos Launch


Initially, one Aptos token could be purchased at about $14. In contrast, it plunged to a low of $6.73 during its initial trading days. The key reason for the sell-off is the same as it is for any asset’s initial public offering: initial listing issues. Those who have already put money into the project can’t access their money and are looking for ways to cash out as soon as possible. The initial public offering is a great time for long-time shareholders to cash in some of their investments. This means the onus of risk will now rest on the new purchasers.


The fact that the corporation did not provide comprehensive disclosure of its tokenomics upon debut also contributed to the 52% price drop. This unfavorable development was seen by many crypto traders as a good opportunity to short-sell APT, further dragging prices down.



Aptos Airdrop

On October 18th, Aptos Foundation announced that it had distributed free APT tokens to its early network users. The company claims that roughly 110,235 people were eligible to receive airdrops totaling 20 million APT tokens. An estimated 20 million APT tokens (representing 2% of the initial supply of 1 billion APT) were issued by the foundation to approximately 110,235 qualifying participants. The value of the airdropped tokens ranged from approximately $200 million to $260 million at the time of the airdrop, depending on the token’s market price.


Both “Users who submitted an application for an Aptos Incentivized Testnet” and “Users who minted an APTOS: ZERO testnet” are listed as eligible recipients of the airdropped tokens by the blockchain company.


To collect your Aptos tokens, visit the official Aptos Community website, which the business says is linked in the eligibility email it sent out. They urged people to exercise extreme vigilance and to trust in only official outlets and sources.




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Aptos Price Prediction – Will Aptos Reach 0$?


If the project doesn’t take off and ends up being a huge money pit, Aptos will inevitably collapse to zero dollars. Nonetheless, this is not the situation. Aptos is providing valuable services despite retaining some personnel from the doomed Diem project. Its stock price is likely to return to its listing price if the company can demonstrate the value of its services consistently over the next few months.

A drop in Aptos’s value to zero dollars indicates that the project is no longer viable and has lost the support of its stakeholders. We don’t know what the future holds for this project and its “independent high-performance PoS Layer 1 with safety in mind” use cases, so this seems improbable for the time being.

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