An Updated List of Three Cryptocurrencies: IBAT to the Moon?


The Binance Smart Chain is a gold mine for investors and speculators looking for small cap possibilities with high upside. Many new tokens and cryptocurrencies are listing , exposing investors to potentially large swings in price.

New Cryptocurrency Listings

There will be a total of three new cryptocurrency listings. Even though the rest of the cryptocurrency market has been struggling in recent months, new listings (especially on Binance Smart Chain) have been doing quite well.

Valhalla Accords

The Valhalla Protocol is a “decentralized & distributed layer 2 deep-learning training protocol that allows cost-efficient and faster training of deep neural networks.”

Though much attention has been paid to the blockchain space, it’s easy to lose sight of the fact that other areas of technological advancement have also spawned hype cycles and excesses.

The Valhalla Protocol’s goal is to make deep learning technology more accessible by focusing on cutting-edge solutions.

The Valhalla Protocol’s goal is to facilitate the widespread adoption of artificial intelligence by making the deep learning process open source.

Metas Game (Exmoc)

Those who do not own NFTs are not allowed to join the elite “members-only club” that is Exmoc: Game of Metas.

In addition to this, the NFTs can be used in a community card game.

The play-to-earn features of blockchain gaming mean that the community can come to own a stake in the games that they love so much, rather than all of the revenues being driven to the firm itself, which is why games like these are becoming increasingly popular.

This mechanism benefits the business as a whole because it makes the game easier to scale.


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Battle Infinity Pancakeswap on August 17

Gameplay-based money-making has gone viral. Another play-to-earn game, Battle Infinity, will also be listed today. In just 25 days, 16,500 BNB were raised during the Battle Infinity presale, and the game quickly sold out.

India, a country known for its technological inventiveness and whose clout has increased enormously over the past few decades, is the home of a brand new initiative called Battle Infinity.

Battle Infinity’s merchandising store and early access versions of its initial games are both scheduled for release in the coming months. There will be a wide variety of games available in the e-sports play to earn initiative, with cricket serving as the pilot project (since this is so popular in India, and the competition is comparatively weak).

There is no form of gaming more globally accessible than blockchain-based games, and the Battle Infinity team is focused on scaling to reach mass adoption and become a staple in the play to earn gaming space, while gaming giants like Dream 11 and the Mobile Premier League have yet to build large-scale games that operate on international rails.

There is a native token called IBAT, and its contract address is 0x19cd9B8e42d4EF62c3EA124110D5Cfd283CEaC43.

Right now, Battle Infinity is sweeping across India like wildfire, and it’s all thanks to Twitter.

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