5 Reasons to Buy Terra Luna Token in July 2022


On the 18th of July, the Terra Luna price increased by 10% in a short period of time. According to the CoinMarketCap list of “trending cryptocurrencies,” Terra Luna has risen to the top of the list. This might be the lowest price ever for one of the most valuable cryptocurrencies by 2022, which is why investors are scrambling to get their hands on Terra Luna now.

Buying Terra Luna in July 2022 has a number of advantages, including a strong developer community and one of the greatest user experiences in crypto. Here, we’ll take a look at the Terra Luna pricing and provide you five reasons to buy in Terra Luna token.


Price of Terra Luna Token

After plummeting to $1.65 just five days ago, the price of Luna has since found support and is now trading at $1.9 today. Terra Luna’s current cheapest price is $1.65.

After the inaugural Terra Luna token airdrop at the end of May, the price reached an all-time high. Luna’s Binance exchange price soon surged to $19, before decreasing gradually afterwards.



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5 Reasons to  Buy Terra Luna Token in July 2022


1. Existing pool of programmers. A wide community of developers and validators is presently working to create Terra Luna’s future. Terra Station mobile has undergone a number of new features in the last week, including a new dashboard, a voting mechanism for governance ideas, a way to manage NFT assets, and more.


2. A network that is not centralized. When it comes to decentralization, Terra Luna is one of the best crypto projects currently available. Solana, meanwhile, has as much as 48 percent of the SOL supply held by the development team and VC-purchased tokens, Binance as much as 50 percent, Avalanche as much as 42 percent, and Near Protocol as much as 38 percent of the total supply. Terra Luna’s new network is decentralized and democratic because it is entirely funded by the members of the Terra Luna community.


3.There will be no more algorithm. The algorithm that ensured TerraUSD’s $1 peg and the price of Luna were the foundations of the Terra Classic blockchain (now Luna Classic). There is no stablecoin in the new Terra environment — in fact, there is no stablecoin at all. With such a well-known name and an established developer community, few crypto projects are able to debut.


4.Perseverance. Over the next two years, Terra Luna tokens will be distributed to the vast number of current Luna holders who lost money as a result of Terra Luna and UST’s demise. There are a lot of angry investors who want their losses, some of which were in the six-figure range, back. This kind of investors will be enthusiastic about Luna initiatives and willing to hang on to tokens until the market is ready to sell them.


5.Protocols of high quality. Existing protocols are preparing to go live on the Terra 2.0 infrastructure. Decentralized marketplaces such as Prism Protocol and Sigma Finance are among them, as well as the Astroport Protocol.



In July 2022, will Terra Luna be a good investment?

To get back into the top 20, Terra Luna may be worth considering. There are no guarantees in life. For the time being, there is a good likelihood that Luna’s price will rise as a result of pre-existing Terra dApps, protocols, and exchanges, although this is merely speculation at this point.

Investors have lost faith in Terra Luna as a result of its association with the crypto meltdown that began in May 2022 and knocked down even the industry’s most prominent enterprises.

Terra Luna’s value in July 2022 will only be determined by speculators. As of mid-July, the Terra Luna market price appears to have bottomed out. Investing in Luna now has the potential to yield a good return in the future, but there are risks involved in making it your largest stake or going all-in.

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