3 Reasons why Terra Luna Price Could Be Zero and 2 Better Altcoins


Terra’s LUNA is one of the most astonishing projects in the crypto space, and once the market realized it was a Ponzi scheme and the price dropped 99% in a few days, with $40 billion evaporated, people still decided to keep speculating on the price rising of the asset. But there are many reasons why the Terra Luna price could fall to almost zero, and many options for those seeking a higher return on investment elsewhere.


3 Reasons Terra Luna Price May Fall to Zero

1. LUNAs main use case has been removed

The main use case of LUNA during the bull market was to act in symbiosis with the stablecoin UST.


Unfortunately, UST turned out not to be so stable, and the inflationary mechanisms in LUNA meant that the entire ecosystem imploded.


Since then, the attempt to use LUNA (now LUNC) was removed, and LUNA took on a new life running as its own blockchain, but without the main use case that drove people to the platform in the first place (20% yield on a stablecoin).


2. The Terra community is now split between LUNA and LUNA Classic (LUNC)

Now, the Terra community is fractured between LUNA and LUNC, with the two projects hoping to serve very different purposes.


The first is focused on creating an ecosystem that developers can build on, and attracting value to the project in that way, whilst the second no longer serves any purpose whatsoever, other than as a speculative vehicle that the community hopes may become deflationary.


3. So many potential better altcoins alternatives with less risks

Finally, there are many projects run by competent teams that haven’t completely destroyed their brand and reputation, and these are the projects that are far more likely to succeed.


When it comes to investors looking for the highest potential ROIs, investing in projects that have already had $40 billion collapses isn’t an enticing proposition.


However, there are a series of altcoins that do provide the potential for high returns for investors.



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Calvaria (RIA) NFT Card Game

Calvaria is a brand new play to earn project that does many things that no other play to earn project does, and is currently in the second of 10 stages in its presale.


Calavaria aims to change the P2E space by onboarding as many people as people into the space, and is developing a mobile app in addition to a desktop application and to guide those unfamiliar with the crypto space into the ecosystem – one can play the game completely for free and earn for doing so; players don’t even need a wallet in order to play.


Impact (IMPT) Green Crypto

IMPT is a project focused on forever changing the carbon credits industry by using blockchain in order to make carbon credits more efficient and more transparent.


Currently, the way that carbon credits function is that they are used by governments to incentivise companies to pollute less by making it more expensive to do so.


IMPT offers individuals a carrot rather than a stick, and rewards them for spending with companies that score high on the ESG by offering cash back incentives that can then be redeemed as NFTs for carbon credits.


IMPT presale has now raised more than $11 million, as it is selling out extremely quickly.


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