Here are What You Should Know About Polygon


Polygon token is another rapidly rising currency in today’s cryptocurrency market. In the past week, there has been a surge in the polygon token, which has had an impact on the popularity of the token in the cryptocurrency community. Many investors have decided to conduct some research on the token and evaluate the legitimacy of the project. In this article, we will review polygon, here are something you should know about Polygon.

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What is Polygon MATIC Coin?

Polygon (matic) is an Ethereum token that powers the polygon network. It is an extended solution of Ethereum. Polygon focuses on providing faster and cheaper transactions on Ethereum using layer 2 side chains, which are blockchains running together with Ethereum’s main chain.


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Advantages and Disadvantages of Polygon

Advantages of polygon

  • Many investors “flocked” to invest
  • It is now available in coinbase
  • They are completely decentralized

Polygon’s shortcomings

  • The coin is still under development
  • There are many problems in the synchronization between ledgers

Is Polygon a Scam?

Due to the high fraud rate of cryptocurrency, many traders have been trading in fear, and most of them have given up.According to research, polygon is not a scam coin. It has been included in the top cryptocurrency wallets, such as blockchain, binance and many other places.


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Polygon or Ethereum?

Whether you are a user or a polygon developer, you have advantages. Developers who build Ethereum decentralized applications and blockchains enjoy much cheaper fees on polygon / matic. In addition, using Ethereum based defi, NFT and game applications is faster and almost free.

Is Polygon Safe?

Some people may think polygon is a safe investment, while others think it is unsafe. Another obvious but positive point about polygon is that more than 350 applications are running on its network. As the network continues to run many decentralized applications, it will remain relevant for a long time.


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Does MATIC Deserves to Invest  in 2022?

Matic is currently the top 20 most popular cryptocurrency by market value, with a market value of more than US $15billion. At present, its trading price is about $2 per token, and its performance has exceeded the general market in recent months. In January 2021, matic’s transaction price was lower than US $0.02 per token. Recently, the market value has soared, and the future of the token looks promising.

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