A Closer Look at the Crypto Tourism


What is Crypto Tourism?

Crypto tourism is one of the activities and agreements in which cryptocurrency was introduced. The following is a guide to learning and understanding this type of activity. The wide adoption of cryptocurrency makes digital assets the exclusive entrance to different sectors and industries. Therefore, digital currency is rapidly being accepted by the tourism industry.

Their adoption in the industry continued to surge until the 2019 covid-19 pandemic brought a form of seizure to the travel and tourism industry. However, as the pandemic has begun to subside, countries have resumed recovery and travel. Therefore, the tourism industry is more willing to accept new ideas and learn more effective methods. One of the more efficient ways in cryptocurrency transactions is to travel through cryptocurrency. crypto tourism is an unusual tourism, which is dedicated to meeting the tourism mode of cryptocurrency enthusiasts and investors. It also includes lectures or courses on cryptocurrencies.


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Learn About Crypto Travel

Despite market fluctuations, the blockchain and cryptocurrency industries have a huge growth record, which has aroused the attention of investors. More and more people advocate the use of digital currency and cryptocurrency exchanges, for example, redot. Therefore, once it returns to normal, travelers’ desire to travel with cryptocurrency increases.

When some tourism companies began to arrange some tourism projects for cryptocurrency and blockchain enthusiasts, crypto tourism appeared. Luxury cruise and other tourism projects provide value-added services for cryptocurrency holders.

Crypto tourism is defined as a form of tourism service strictly provided to cryptocurrency enthusiasts. It usually involves providing organized tourism, which can be paid in digital currency, or providing lectures or courses on cryptocurrency as part of the tourism.

Crypto tourism targets especially the rich and famous people in cryptocurrency. However, ordinary people who are interested in cryptocurrency can also participate in cryptocurrency cruise and pay with cryptocurrency during holidays. In most cases, digital currencies such as bitcoin (BTC) can be used to pay for hotels, meals and air tickets during the adventure.It is important to understand that crypto tourism and cruise ships go far beyond the usual fun. On the contrary, they include conferences, exhibitions and group talks related to cryptocurrency.

Who is Using Crypto to Travel?

As mentioned above, the target customers of crypto tourism are the rich and famous people we call cryptocurrency. However, a large number of ordinary people who are interested in cryptocurrency may take risks to participate in crypto tourism, or use it to pay for their holidays.

In the past, some cryptocurrency tours have been organized for specific purposes, such as promoting the potential initial coin issue (ICO). The program is characterized by meetings, speeches and market talks held by sponsors, industry leaders and favorite people. Therefore, this means that crypto tourism is also used by platforms seeking to carry out activities such as ICO.

Americans are making plans to continue using digital coins as more and more countries open their borders to travelers. Research shows that 22% of Americans plan to use cryptocurrency to pay their travel expenses in the second half of this year.



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Examples of Crypto Tourism

An example of crypto tourism held in the past is the coinbank blockchain cruise held in 2017. The event is entertaining and educational, so it records the good participation of participants from 19 countries.

On the coinbank blockchain cruise ship, people discussed issues affecting cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. In cruise, from ledger and bitcoin Many industry leaders of COM, unocin and other companies delivered speeches.

New Zealand companies have also proposed this type of activity. They are more like a tourist project. Tourists can take risks with cryptocurrency.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Crypto Tourism

The concept of crypto tourism has many advantages and some disadvantages. Here are some advantages and disadvantages of crypto tourism. Although there seem to be few participants in encrypted tourism at present, the blockchain is paving the way for the tourism industry, and with several advantages, it is likely to grow in the future.

First, it provides a new way for tourists to pay for their holidays. Second, it provides learning opportunities for cryptocurrency trends and investments. In addition, it provides a channel to meet with industry experts, thus providing lovers with an opportunity to meet with experts they have been longing to see.

Some of the drawbacks are related to the use of cryptocurrency tours as a promotional tool to promote ICOS and lower value products to participants. This is caused by the irregularity of cryptocurrency market.More importantly, since most people do not use digital currency, its operation is mostly a small market for tourists, and the effect of investing in digital currency may be low.


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Before the covid-19 pandemic, there were many activities and products around crypto tourism. Cryptocurrency cruise aims to provide a platform to connect individuals with peers in the industry and promote some cryptocurrency products. These projects help build networks in the cryptocurrency community and provide investment opportunities.

Therefore, participants have more opportunities to make some important investment decisions. Many countries are opening their borders and tourism has been fully restored, making cryptocurrency payment options more widely accepted in the near future.

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