The Digital Assets Rally and BTC – ETH Updates

Almost halfway through 2021 and the global digital assets landscape is recording significant impulses. 

By looking at the charts, there have been significant shifts in the metrics. And it’s unclear what the second half of 2021 has to bring to the table. The oceans seem to tussle underneath, albeit the calmness at the shoreline.  While BTC and ETH have held on to the first two positions,  the rest seem to be gearing up for shifts.

Firstly, will ETH take the place BTC has taken for over a decade? And that is in the light of growing interest in DeFi and the central role token plays with digital- asset economies. 

Second is the role of influencer effects across the entire supply-demand fraternity.

Updates and Tussles in the Rally

 As of 12.00 EAT 

  • BTC oscillates just around the $50,256 mark. Will it trend upwards or downwards?
  • Ethereum  is struggling at the $ 3,851 after hitting $4,354 on Wednesday 

The top-ten chart is showing three new entrants: Dogecoin, ICP, and Polkadot.

This half-year alone has recorded more shifts than any other. Of course, retirees from the top ten:  Uniswap, Litecoin, and Chainlink seem to have taken a pullback, perhaps taking the breeze for a stronger comeback.

From another viewpoint, what will happen with scrubbing for the top tens while all that matters is market capitalization? The fact is BTC may not take control forever. ETH is following with positions 4 to 9, almost hitting a $45,000 average. And only time can tell the unknowns.

Tesla to Dutch BTC Payments 

In a Tweet, Elon Musk confirms their position on the energy woes of BTC mining in the global environment.

Recall Elon is behind the current upsurge in Dogecoin and spells uncertainty with their BTC holdings. However, in the same sentiments, Tesla shows they’ll hold and allow transactions when BTC mining energy needs and its sustainability in place.

Understandably, it’s every being’s responsibility to take utmost great care of the mother earth, for the sake of our generations and those of posterity.

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