Spotlights on Quidax and the Zild Protocol

Quidax, the African Crypto exchange, has plans to roll out services towards reaching the global markets. According to, the core of the strategy entails the launch of the native token- QDX to revitalize the BEO20 tokens.

Initially, Quidax ‘s launch in 2018 wa to target the African markets, but that has shifted following the strategic meetings in February 2021. CEO Buchi Okoro also reveals that the platform has processed more than $3.2 Billion, and that has been the result of client growth from 50 in 2018 to more than 400,000 scatterings from more than 72 nationalities.

The strategy to launch QDX tokens will ride on JulPad Launchpad, and the tentative launch date remains within May. Clients will have full access to the robust ecosystem, including trade fees for the exchange,  staking, governance, and arrays of financial products.

Zild Protocol Pretests on Bittrex Ahead of  Rolling out Live

Russian based Zild protocol compromises decentralized protocols compatible with ERC20 Tokens. Users can borrow, lend and make settlements on the platform, and they plan to launch on Bittrex, the worlds number 5 exchange as of May 2021.

Presently, Zild hosts more than 20000 users of DeFi protocols which are gaining traction at promising rates.

The actual date of going live is slated on May 19 and also comes ahead of two critical platform audits and cross-checks by audit forms, Certik and SlowMist, from the United States and China, respectively.

Zild also builds on strong consensus from communities, and they have expectations to roe in more than 100,000 clients after launch. Aside from the basics of money markets in the scope of DeFi, Zild has more to offer. The offering is a new model scoping asset support and risk aversion, making it safer and widely applicable at the tail end.

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