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Ether Hits past $4000

ETH, the second-largest Cryptocurrency surges past $ 4000 across the Sunday night to hit a $4197 high record through Monday. As of 11 May 2021, there’s a pullback, and it’s oscillating at the $3850 region, according to data from

Over the past week, Crypto-expert Nigel Green, the  founder cum CEO of deVere Group, made predictions that ETH may soon grow past the $5,000 mark on, “growing recognition that borderless digital currencies are the future of money.”

Ether is the cryptocurrency to watch since it promises massive shifts, especially on DeFi, an arena where BTC does not fix some real issues.

In India, the COVID-19 pandemic continues to escalate as BioNTech insists there’s no evidence that vaccines need tweaks to adapt to the new virus- variants.

Former Indian Secretary of Finance Echoes Adoption and Regulation of Cryptocurrency

Subhash Chandra Garg believes that India should regulate but not ban cryptocurrencies. Further, the government should encourage the adoption of crypto services. Garg resigned as Secretary of Finance and was quoted as saying, according to a report by PTI.

Within the European Union, Bitcoin is coming up with Spain at the forefront. Spain is also roaring into the crypto-sphere with another product. At this time, the trademark state is advanced under the intellectual property Office.

El Corte Files Trademark for Offering Cryptocurrency Services

Accordingly, Elcorte in the application states the offering of “finance services, financial transactions relating to currency swaps, buying and selling currency.”

What is the feeling when politicians adopt to favor crypto- environments? Japan’s metropolitan policymakers seem to fall hugely in favor.

Japan’s Assembly Proposes Tokyo as a Crypto-Hub

Yuu Ito, a third-term member, believes that Tokyo should favor crypto-investors with favorable conditions instead of scaring away investors with scary tax provisions. Fellow support from Nobuko Irie concurs and sets a straightforward proposition- creating a tax haven within Tokyo.

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