Dogecoin Is Causing Ripples- Here’s Why

Dogecoin isn’t any different from Bitcoin. You transact instantly and anonymously.

 One huge gapping between fiat and Crypto is the volatility. It’s relatively hard to manipulate Crypto and Dogecoin is. But how hard to achieve is manipulation?

The reason why Dogecoin is surging upwards to a whopping 600% is all about perceived value.

Truth is arbitrage is a never-ending cyclical. \Prices go up and down, and everyone is free to speculate.

Price action rides on motives. And some are either pure luck or vaguely quantifiable metrics.

Over time, the relative price of an asset reaches a form of a plateau. It’s like a times series whose short term noises have been clipped off.

 From another outlook, the surge in the price of Dogecoin could be a pure manipulation by a section of elite Reddit Groups. For their worthwhile causes.

Well, even the commodity markets are subject to manipulation. Central banks and hedge fund managers have their fair share of say. Albeit the relative prices of assets mirroring the intrinsic value at any given time.

Br extra cautious though. By Dogecoin rising in price do not go longing it blindly. Watch Every move and be on the right side.

With volatility in the picture, Dogecoin will surely fall again in prices. When and why is a matter of the complex intricacies. Its more of price versus arbitrage, both in the long and short run.

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