President Biden and Crypto-Regulations

 President Biden and Crypto-Regulations

 The year 2020  scores a scary picture with COVID-19 pandemic in the backdrop of global economic performance.

As Trump’s administration exits the stage, What’s on stage from Biden’s?

The changeover comes at a critical time.

Global economics are reacting to post COVID-19 drawbacks, and  Crypto-regulations are issues Biden has to tackle in his first term.

Lucky for him, three of the nominees to the top organs steering the economy have a great exposure to Cryptocurrencies. SEC, CFTW and Treasury  will reap from the trio:

·         SEC ex-chairperson Jay Clayton

·         A Former CFTC chairperson Heath Tarber.

·         And former Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin

As Gold remains the most precious commodity for central banks, 2021 is seeing new shifts.

Bitcoin, also the most precious Crypto-asset, has skyrocketed in value.

Could Bitcoin become the new Gold?

And what will it shift within economies? Bearing mind that Crypto is not the hard Gold that Central banks hold or release to drive global economies.

Crypto is a reality, and the United States should not maintain the status quo by sitting back.

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