BTCC VS FXPRO- Which Platform Should You Trade In?

For margin trading, the first thing is to choose the right platform. For ordinary investors, should they choose a financial platform or a cryptocurrency exchange that focuses on margin trading? This article will compare in detail the world’s leading financial platform, FxPro and the world’s longest running cryptocurrency exchange BTCC, to help you select the most suitable trading platform.

Pairs TradingDaily Contract: BTC/USDT、ETH/USDT
Trading Feesopen position fees: 0
close position fees: 
Weekly Contract: 0.06%—0.10%;
Daily Contract: 0.06%
Perpetual Contract: Perpetual contract’s rollover fees are charged every 24 hours. Weekly contract and daily contract will not be charged with rollover fees.
Charge the spread between the buying price and the selling price in the market when the position is closed.
Trading Fees example(Take BTC/USDT as example)
Open position fees: 0
Open position fees: 0.06%
Asset fees:
Daily contract and weekly contract charge no asset fees.
Perpetual contract takes rollover fees every 24 hours.
Charge the spread between the buying price and the selling price in the market when the position is closed.
market depthThe best price is around 500 BTC.
order typeslimit order, market order, stop orderstop loss order, limit order
depositOMNI、ERC20FXPRO Wallet
minimum depositfiat deposit:100 USDT, 
USDT deposit: 2 USDT
safety related functionmarket warning (set the cryptocurrency’s falling or rising price independently, and make early warning in time to achieve fast transactions)
customer service24/7 online customer service, contact numberonline customer service, contact number
new user bounty programfirst deposit 500USDT to claim100USDT, first deposit 1000USDT to claim 200USDT, first deposit 2000USDT to claim 400USDT, first deposit 5000USDT to claim 1000USDT, first deposit 10000USDT to claim 2000USDTnone
minimum trading unit0.01 lot of BTC 0.01 lot
maximum holding positions lots200BTC10000 lots

Both platforms are experienced in financial trading service. The difference is that BTCC focuses on cryptocurrency, while FXPRO focuses on foreign currency. FXPRO provides foreign currency, futures, index, metal …etc. Because there are too many financial products involved, we will only focus on the comparison of trading fees, trading software and other aspects.

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The Comparison of Trading Fees Between FXPRO and BTCC: 

Trading futures on FXPRO requires variable fees. When an investor closes the position, 

investor will be charged a variable fee according to the spread between the buying price and the selling price in the market at that time. Since the spread is floating price, the fee will be charged according to the floating price.

Take FXPRO’s BTC price as example. The spread between buying price and selling price is 94.51, which is approximately 0.4% of Bitcoin price. The spread between buying price and selling price in BTCC is 3.53, which is approximately 0.01% of Bitcoin price. 

BTCC charges no fee when you open position. When you close position, you will be charged 0.06%-0.10% trading fees. Daily contract charges 0.06% trading fees. Daily contract and weekly contract charge no trading fees. Perpetual contract takes rollover fees every 24 hours.

Take BTC daily contract for example. It takes no fees when you open position. It takes 0.06% trading fees when you close position and no other extra fees will be charged. FXPro charges no trading fees, but the spread is almost 0.4%. Trading costs are actually more than 5 times higher than BTCC.

As an investor, don’t be deceived by the “”0″” fee advertising of traditional foreign exchange platforms such as FXPRO. In fact, the trading cost in BTCC is much better than FxPro.

The comparison of app between FXPRO and BTCC: 

FXPRO provides many financial products. FXPRO has FXPRO trading platform, FXPRO MetaTrader4, FXPRO MetaTrader5, FXPRO cTrader, FXPRO APP and etc. They are designed for the traditional financial investors. BTCC supports BTCC web version, IOS and Android mobile APP so far. BTCC’s app is more focusing on cryptocurrency and has more customized functions. The most prominent feature of BTCC’s trading interface is its convenience. The interface is designed from the perspective of trader, making crypto trading more smoothly and friendly, and investors can trade anytime, anywhere on the web. In BTCC, as long as investors own USDT, they can trade multiple products on the same day, including weekly contract and perpetual contract. Newbies who do not have USDT can also deposit via Visa and Mastercard.

BTCC’s APP is a margin trading software integrating market quotation, transaction, deposit and market information. For mobile investors, BTCC’s app is undoubtedly the most convenient trading tool. BTCC has also recently launched a market warning function. Investors can independently set the target price of a specific cryptocurrency. When the market price fluctuates to the set price, BTCC’s reminders will immediately help investors capture the market opportunity.

Overall comparison:

If you want to use one platform to complete all the trading, you can use a comprehensive platform, such as FXPro. But when trading cryptocurrency, you have to pay more than 5 times the cost. As a smart investor, if you want to trade cryptocurrency, you must use the best software in the cryptocurrency industry. In the overall comparison, BTCC’s advantages are that it is suitable for all margin trading investors. With low trading fees, large trading volume, and good trading depth. BTCC has achieved the ultimate in fast trading.

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