Weekly Trading Rebate

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Get up to

500USDT every week

Event 2

Lucky Roulette WheelGet daily rewards of up to 1 BTC/ETH
or 10,000 USDT/XRP

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Event details:
During the campaign period from 00:00:00 (UTC+0) every day, each user can get one spin before the countdown ends. Each user is entitled to 3 spins per day. All unused spins accumulated during the day will be forfeited the next day after 00:00:00 (UTC+0). Users can earn up to 1BTC from this Lucky Roulette Wheel.
  • * Please note the USDT received from this campaign is USDT bonus.
  • * The bonus can be used to cover the transaction fees incurred in trading.
  • * Upon winning 1 Bitcoin or Ethereum, the asset will be deposited into your account and it can be used for trading or withdrawals.
  • * After you have used up your 3 spins, the 'Share & Get 1 More Spin' button will light up for you to share with friends to get one more spin.
  • * You must stay on the app for the countdown to the next spin to start.


Target participants: All users

1. During the event, in the event of fraudulent behaviours such as malicious arbitrage, batch registration of accounts, self-buying and selling, mutual buying and selling, etc., BTCC reserves the right to disqualify any participant who shows signs of fraud immediately.

2. BTCC reserves the right to cancel or modify the event or event rules at its discretion, without prior notice.

3. BTCC reserves the right of final interpretation of the event.

Risk warning: Contract trading is an activity associated with high market risk. While it may bring huge gains, it may also cause huge losses. Past earnings do not predict future performance. Volatile price fluctuations may cause the entire margin balance to be forcibly liquidated. The information provided here should not be regarded as BTCC's financial or investment advice. All trading strategies are executed at your own discretion and risk. BTCC will not assume any responsibility to pay indemnities, compensation etcetera for any losses that you may incur as a result of the trading activities.