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Market Statistics

Market Cap$110.95M
24h Volume$78.85M
Circulating Amount$993.70B
Price Change (1h)+0.05%
Price Change (24h)+2.10%
Price Change (7 days)+4.76%

About WINkLink (WIN)

What Is WINkLink?

WIN is the native token of the WINkLink network, the driving force behind WINk. It is the token used on the WINk online gaming platform.  The WINkLink system is based on the TRON blockchain and is designed to make smart contracts – programs that execute automatically as soon as certain conditions are met – easier to use and create.

Some of these smart contracts are used as the basis of the casino games on WINk, but there are plenty of other uses for the smart contracts made using the system. While play-to-earn games have recently become a big deal in the world of cryptocurrency, they are by no means new. WIN was a successor system to the TRONbet gaming decentralised application (DApps), which came out on the TRON network.

People who play games on WINk have an indicator called Win Power. Win Power is calculated based on the number of WIN tokens held by a user. The more tokens the user has, the more Win Power they accumulate. Every day, depending on the amount of Win Power available, the system distributes a certain number of TRON tokens (TRX) between all holders of the WIN cryptocurrency. The amount of TRX a user receives is proportional to their Win Power. However, TRX is the native token of the TRON blockchain, whereas WIN is the native token of WINk itself.

The other thing to note about WIN is that, while it operates on TRON, it could potentially be described as a dual-chain token. This is because, in 2020, the BLINk token was launched on the Binance Smart Chain, a move that enables people who own Binance’s BNB coin to take part in WINk’s games.


Current Situation

WINk was one of the earlier play-to-earn systems in the crypto sphere, and over the course of 2021 several other platforms came into play. This means that WINkLink might look somewhat old-fashioned in comparison to more recent platforms. With the likes of Decentraland and GALA attracting users who might not otherwise bother with crypto, WINkLink could start to seem like something from an earlier, less technologically advanced era.

Also, the very low price of WIN in real terms may put people off investing in it. On the other hand, the coin does have the potential to deliver returns on investment without making it onto the list of most expensive cryptocurrencies.

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