What is a profile picture (PFP)?

A Profile Picture (PFP) is a photo that users upload to their social media profile to represent their identity on social media – it can provide a glimpse into the personality and interests of that user.

What are 2D avatars taking over Twitter profile picture (PFP) NFTS?

The 2D Avatars Taking Over Twitter Profile Picture (PFP) NFTs have become the most recognized type of non-fungible token, as the technology bleeds into mainstream culture. From Bored Ape portraits to pixelated CryptoPunks, 2D avatar NFTs—commonly referred to as PFP or profile picture NFTs—have come to dominate the NFT market.

What does PFP mean on social media?

PFP is an acronym that stands for "Profile Picture" or "Picture for Proof." On social media platforms, PFPs are used to establish one's identity, create a recognizable brand, and express oneself. PFPs can also be used to showcase one's achievements or skills, and to support a cause or a social movement.

What is a user persona (PFP)?

On the other hand, this term is also able to be called ‘avatar’, which means a graphical representation of a user persona, especially on online platforms. This term is widely used in Internet communities, where every user is usually required to have their own PFP, whether it’s their real picture or just a persona that represents them.