What is the next gen coin?

Because essentially, bitcoin is only a digital alternative form of currency. The Next Gen Coin is that, and much more. It’s built on blockchain technology, which is both complex to create and multifaceted in how it’s applied. Blockchain takes the idea of “ decentralization ” to its next logical step.

Will the 'next gen coin' overtake bitcoin?

“And so are the rich and famous.” Which is when Ian King starts to drop famous names of folks who are fans of this “Next Gen Coin”, from Mark Cuban to Ken Griffin to Ray Dalio to Elon Musk, and to throw in quotes from “hedge fund millionaires” that this “Next Gen Coin” could “overtake Bitcoin… and ‘power the rails of global finance.”

What “next gen coin” is Ian King teasing?

A new Ian King presentation has been doing the rounds lately about “Next Gen Coin,” which he claims is “expected to be 20X bigger than bitcoin.” This isn’t the first time I’ve heard the “bigger than bitcoin” narrative.

Is the next gen coin handicapped?

“For example, right now, bitcoin can process about five transactions per second. The Next Gen Coin, currently, can process about 30 per second…. “Visa, for example, handles 1,700 transactions a second. So, right now, the Next Gen Coin is handicapped. “But, after this upgrade date, after this upgrade, everything will start to change.