Is there a movie about artificial intelligence?

There is no other movie about artificial intelligence quite like After Yang. A film that isn’t concerned about the ethics of how we treat artificial life, it assumes we should treat it with respect. It instead wants to dissect the cultural footprint and artificial being would leave in our lives.

What do you think of AI in the movies?

In the movies, you see AI as a helper to humans, assisting us in all kinds of tasks, from being a sidekick on space adventures to a lover. If you’re interested in AI, Machine Learning and Data Science, check out the list of movies (in no particular order) below and watch them. I write articles on Data Science and AI.

Why are AI movies so popular?

Starting with Fritz Lang’s revolutionary 1927 Metropolis, movies have been obsessed with the alternate intrigue and terror of computerized beings with unknown intelligence and understanding of the world. Now we have AI movies as diverse as Her and Ex Machina, ranging from melancholy love story to funny-scary freakout and everywhere in between.