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What does after hours mean?

Definition: Occurring later than the normal closing time. This expression began to become popular in the 1800s. It originated when governments passed certain laws to regulate business hours. Once businesses were meant to close, it became after hours.

What is an example of an after-hours club?

For example, I haven't time while the shop is open, but I can see you after hours, or The restaurant employees sometimes stayed for a meal after hours. This term originally referred to laws governing business hours. It also gave rise to the term after-hours club, for a drinking club that remained open later than similar establishments.

What are some examples of after-hours visits?

Recent Examples on the Web Includes after-hours visits through the Huntington’s gardens. Jeanette Marantos, Los Angeles Times, 1 Oct. 2023 Shares of Nike rose in after-hours trading after the sneaker and sportswear giant posted its quarterly results after the market closed.

Do they allow you to work after hours?

They don’t allow us to work after hours. There was an after-hours event at the office. We often frequent after-hours bars. The phrase after hours is another way to say after closing hours. After hours definition.

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