Does Shopify accept bitcoin?

There are currently a few integrations for Shopify which allow you to accept Bitcoin. Coinbase – allows you to accept Bitcoin Bitpay – allows you to accept Bitcoin GoCoin – allows you to accept Bitcoin, Litecoin & Dodgecoin If you just want to accept Bitcoin then I’d strongly suggest using Coinbase since they are the biggest and most established.

What are the best crypto payment gateways for Shopify?

The next crypto payment gateway you can use to accept cryptocurrencies on your Shopify store is called BitPay. A unique feature that BitPay offers is that the payments will be automatically converted to a currency of your choice (8 currencies available) and send directly to your bank account.

What payment gateways can I use to accept bitcoin?

What payment gateways can you use to accept Bitcoin (& other crypto payments) on your Shopify store? 1 1. Coinbase Commerce. Coinbase Commerce is a platform that enables merchants to accept cryptocurrencies on their Shopify or Woocommerce store in a ... 2 2. CoinPayments. 3 3. BitPay.

How to get refunds for cryptocurrency payments through Shopify?

Due to longer settlement times, cryptocurrency transactions can cause overselling in flash sales. Use a direct payment method like Shopify Payments for the best flash sale performance. There are no automatic refunds for cryptocurrency payments through Shopify. You need to refund payments manually through your payment gateway.