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What are the most defining memes of 2023?

The following are some of the most defining memes of 2023, from nepo babies to babygirl. Here’s to our bygone memes, and may 2024 be as fruitful. In 2014, there was Ellen’s Oscars selfie. 2017 had Meryl Streep yelling, and 2022 had The Slap.

Is it time to pack up your memes and march into 2024?

But it’s time to pack up our memes and march into 2024 with a grin. The internet’s been a riot lately, overflowing with memes that perfectly toast to the old and cheer for the new. Enjoy these gems of humor and wit as we chuckle about the highs and lows of 2023 and the possibilities ahead in 2024. Ready or not, the new year is here.

How have memes changed in 2024?

Back then, memes were just starting to become the cultural currency they are today. Now, as we sit in 2024, it’s wild to think about how much has changed. The 2024 memes are on another level – they’re smarter, sharper, and have this uncanny ability to capture the essence of our times, much like those emerging memes did back in 2014.

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