What were the biggest hacks of 2017?

Here's a look back at the major hacks of 2017. Cybercriminals penetrated Equifax ( EFX), one of the largest credit bureaus, in July and stole the personal data of 145 million people. It was considered among the worst breaches of all time because of the amount of sensitive information exposed, including Social Security numbers.

Will the biggest security hacks affect my editorial independence?

This doesn't affect our editorial independence. The biggest security hacks, leaks, and breaches of 2017 may impact your privacy for years to come. Security issues took a turn for the serious in 2017.

What types of hackers should you know in 2022?

So, without further ado, these are the types of hackers you must know in 2022: Also known as criminal hackers, you could view a black hat hacker as your stereotypical cybercriminal. They work tirelessly to break into personal devices and networks in search of sensitive data they can steal and use to make a profit.

What were the defining computer security events of 2017?

Two of the defining computer security events of 2017 were leaks that exposed closely held hacking secrets of the U.S. government.